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  • App okay; functions and ease of use needs major work

    By S.M.I.8655
    I should have gone with a Roku system TV. The app only works like 1% of the time if you want to use the app to control the tv and the other 99% of the time it has to be with the remote. It pairs with my phone without any issue but does not ever pull up the remote function.
  • F

    By brmrveh
  • Purchased episodes not working

    By Ashes3684
    Why I can only see certain episodes that I’ve purchased on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta I don’t know what’s going on I purchased the whole Season 10 and I can’t even watch it it’s something totally different half the episodes are locked I purchased Season 11 episodes 1-9 and can only watch maybe 3 episodes the rest are locked if I push watch to look at a episode and it goes to google tv I can’t get episode I purchased can you please fix this issue it’s been like this for months I should be able to go straight to whatever episode I purchased
  • A Quiet Place- No subtitles on rented movies!!!

    By FEEDL08
    Communication is through sign language but Google never has subtitles on rented movies. I always end up renting movies on Amazon Prime so I pay twice to rent the same movie!!! 🤬🤬🤬
  • Keeps giving me an error after 40 seconds

    By Aristodeamus
    Casting on Tru Blu Tv App works just fine but using Google TV on a 4K chrome cast does not work. This was 50% of my reason for buying the chromecast.
  • Remote is useless

    By Asia6713
    I only use the app for the remote and it frequently just disappears, can’t use it. Then you’re stuck there until it decides to pop back up
  • Downloading movies don’t download

    By Joeyme23
    Aw man I had to wait for 2 hours . In a waiting room if I didn’t download a comic book I would of been so weird . I’m using an I phone 14 . So yeah I came from android ( moto) was stoked to see Apple allowed me to downloading. However I wanted to watch my movies and shows and I tapped to play and it said “ something’s wrong “ and it wouldn’t play so yeah I’m hoping this latest update fixed that . So 3 star cause I still have my movie collection just deducted 2 stars due to not being able to bring them with me ( ps I had really bad service in the waiting room so I couldn’t use my data )
  • Big Tech should stay away from TV software

    By mirandapanda11
    By far the worst TV remote and app I’ve ever had. The interface tries to function like an android phone, but it’s just horrible and laggy. Half the time I open the app the remote doesn’t even show. Sometimes I can’t even get the volume to work. Most of the shows that they are advertising are not family, friendly, and can be easily clicked by a child with one button. The remote is literally a circle with four arrows, no fast-forward, or rewind. It is the worst design I have ever seen in my entire life. I miss my Roku TV, Google cannot make software for a TV. Everything that I like about having a tv and remote being simple has been ruined by Google.
  • Tv seasons error displaying

    By curtrh
    I purchase season 1 and 2 off Warehouse 13. But get error message when I try to access and download on my Ipad. I have no issue with the many others shows I have purchased Please advise is I generally watch on my Ipad.
  • No longer able to stream my movies only download them.... what the &@$! ....

    By SirLagzAlot
    I no longer have the option to watch / stream my purchased movies on my apple devices ( iphone / ipad ) or stream them to nearby devices. I have only the option to watch / stream them via additional streaming apps or to download them to my device.