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  • Taking it to the next level

    By mcdeewee
    Every business needs to encourage their best audience to purchase their products and Google can take you to the next level.
  • The worst

    By Zaniyha1Cooley
    They suspend your account for no reason and when you try to appeal they ignore you. Waste of money and waste of time. Oh, also- those clicks you’re getting? Not real. They are bots. Google Ads will suspend your account claiming they are doing it because they think you are a scammer or something but allow actual scammers to access your ads. I spent a total of around 2500 on Google ads and modified my campaigns so many times. And I got nothing out of it but highway robbery.
  • Good

    By Juniorefra99
  • Works for me

    By growler6g
    Everybody ’Googles.’ Don’t use Yelp.
  • not worth it

    By kodiaktaxicab
    im individual taxi in island and my city is about 3-4 miles and every costumer range 1-3 miles and worht $5-10 dollars and they charged me $5-$7 for conversion and mostly i got charged for $5-$7 per click without call action…very disappointed taking advantage for small business….never used this anymore…
  • Don’t use this

    By Tami Bee
    So I decided to use google ads base on bad experiences with facebook business ( meta business suite), so before I started to use I decided to read reviews, nope don’t want this problem again, all these ads companies are the same. I’m glad I read the reviews not loosing no more money to these scammers.
  • This app is useless

    Google ads has is issues as can be seen through the multitude of negative reviews given . My main problem is the complete lack of care that comes to the mobile app. You’d think a company worth billions would put more money into an app that runs properly but nope. You can’t view any information of relevance on this app. Doesn’t show you all you campaigns says you have to go to desktop. Like what we in year 2024. Every platform should have a app where we can access this information just as easily on the phone as the computer. Yet Google seems to be years behind in this aspect of their business which is extremely disappointing to say the least. What’s the point of a Mobile app if you literally can’t use the app for any of the information or steps you’d want to take. Do better Google. This is one of many issues you guys have. Don’t know how this app got 4 stars . It literally is completely useless.
  • Scammer costing us money

    By alexander86868685
    So I've noticed we are paying google to have scammers and sales people to call us and try to scam us but they are costing us money because anyone who clicks on the call button we get charged a fee. I suspended my Google ads account and I use Facebook because Facebook is cheaper and charges a flat fee. Google =indian scams
  • Worst app since they first began!!!!!

    By jay's google business review
    Google ads used to be fairly decent to use years ago. Every year they change it for the worse. This version is absolutely the worst. Such a shame these idiots can’t stick with a version that works for their customers… Advertisers should go with Microsoft. It’s easy and fast! Get the same exact results without the hassle.
  • 电脑端可以登陆,手机app无法登陆,求助

    By Xiangguest