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  • Could be better.

    By Livi_Marie08
    I typically view reviews only if they have an image. I’ve noticed swiping between photos stops working sometimes. Also, when you swipe through photos and then go to see all photos, you realize that Amazon isn’t showing all the reviews with photos. And it seems to display them out of order too. App has been having trouble loading lately as well. Finally, Amazon doesn’t display the size of the clothing item on the order details within the app. So if you buy 2 different sizes of something, and one ships, there’s no way to know which one. Literally the simplest thing just to add the size ordered to the order details. Please.
  • Robitussin!

    By JaxKitty
    Not giving my driver’s license for an over the counter product!
  • How long until the class action?

    By SeveritySix
    I wish I was being sarcastic. 1 in 10 orders are on time. Most same day delivers are taking 5+ days for me. They will tell me every time. Idk what happened it just went back to the facility. I had one tell me it was 5 stops away, when an hour prior it checked in to the facility again… I have learned if it’s a 5-10 pm slot. I am not getting the item for at least 2 more days. Because they will take it back “lose it” and I have to request a new one which takes two days at minimum. My last $2,000s in orders have not been in time. I complain to management right? It actually got worse. I am to the point I think that manager is pulling my orders because no one can figure out why I can’t get my stuff. I am 45 minutes from a hub. Todays excuse was bad weather. Guess 75 sunny and no rain or wind is bad weather now.
  • Cannot filter allergic food & fabric

    By Hate economist
    Need to be able to filter all foods & clothing by allergy. Would also be nice to be able to generally add filter criteria for all products. The tech exists. It’s an easy task to add this feature
  • Saving to wish list:

    By waterisbae
    I hate the last update. I struggle every single time I want to add to my wish list. I cannot change what list I add to. It’s frustrating. There should be a better way.
  • New AI question search is awful

    By severed_nexus
    It used to be so convenient to go to the question box on an item and type in words to look for something very specific in the entire item page. Now with that new question search box, they formulate their own response and I no longer have to option to quickly go to a specific comment, description, specific I missed while scrolling.
  • Rufus is GARBAGE

    By disappointedplayerboooo
    this Rufus AI thing that has been forced upon app users with no option to remove it or opt out is absolutely terrible. It takes up so much space and makes it impossible to scroll. I’m just uninstalling the app to use the web until it gets forced on us there at which point, Amazon, you can kick rocks and I’ll buy my products elsewhere. I’m really only keeping prime for The Boys and Fallout at this point anyways. The majority of what I find as far as products are fakes or made incredibly poorly, flooded with fake reviews, and disappear before you can say anything. It’s sickening. Do better.
  • It’s good but..

    By monkey d luffy31
    It’s a great app to use. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences but that was with the sellers. With Amazon itself, all I can say is that I wish Amazon had a “dark mode” a mode the dims the screen down for people with sensitivity to brightness ( like me). I love shopping and scrolling for good picks but it gets hard if the screen is too bright for me. Pleaseee add a dark browsing mode!!
  • Just the phone interface scaled up

    By LentilSaviour
    It doesn’t really take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, so you’re better off using the website.
  • Dark mode

    By FEAR228
    eBay have dark mode, why Amazon don’t?