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  • Easy to use

    By fcav2
    Image dropped in catalog produced.
  • Simple, effective

    By Tech guy/SF
    I use it for icons all the time.
  • Did something I need it to do

    By And, by the way...
    I'm having a lot of trouble exporting SVG images for XCode assets from Affinity Designer. I was able to drag & drop such an icon exported by Affinity Designer to this app and export it sized as a tab bar icon , and then drag the resulting PDF into the XCode assets and it fixed it - it was sized perfectly.
  • Awesome

    By glose
    Makes creating icons for App Store drop dead simple!!!
  • Indispensible

    By Intelligence3
    Would never try to create an app without it. There are a lot fo developer tools on the App Store and 90% of them are useless. This tool is indispensible. Use it, love it.
  • Fantastic!

    By HKS5
    Perfect tool for the job
  • Great

    By John AK 2
    Saves time.
  • Save a time creating the insane number of images needed for iOS

    By JediCoder
    If you are creating a universal iOS app you will have to create 25 images just for the app Icon. Imagine creating all of those images manually. Well with this app, you take one image at least 1024x1024 drop it on the app and select "iOS - App Icon" point the output to your asset directory in your project select "Update Asset Catalog" and you are done. I use the app for every ios app I write.
  • Excellent!

    By Carlos.rios
    This app save you a lot of time!.
  • Awesome tool

    By Posterizer
    Solves one problem and does it really well. I love this tool. Really cool and easy to use too.