Asset Catalog Creator Pro

Asset Catalog Creator Pro



Asset Catalog Creator takes any image & turns it into a complete & ready-to-use app icon. It supports every type of icon you'll ever need for any of Apple's platforms; iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS etc. It uses the xcasset catalog format & it's always updated for the very latest devices & software. It doesn't just do app icons. It can make any icon within your app; converting your image into all the required 1x, 2x & 3x formats. If you're using vector-based iconography you can preserve all your vector data during the conversion & output your icons as pdfs, while still having control over the size of the image. It even includes a list of preset sizes for standard interface elements, such as tab bar icons, navbar icons etc. As well as in-app icons, it also supports creating everything you need for Complications, iMessage, & Game Center. As of iOS 15, there are 25 different image sizes required to make an iPhone/iPad app! Asset Catalog Creator is configured with well over 100 image dimension requirements. You’ll never need to look a size up again. Asset Catalog Creator is designed to be quick & easy to use & fit seamlessly into your workflow. All you need to do is drag in an image, point the app to where your project is, pick your icon type & export. The app finds the existing asset catalog(s) & has advanced merging abilities that allow it to append or overwrite based on your choices. If you’ve never used Asset Catalogs in your apps before, now is a great time to start. You’ll find managing & organising your image files much easier & you’ll also benefit from improved performance & reduced app install size, thanks to the smarter way asset catalogs are compiled & archived into binaries. LIST OF SUPPORTED ASSET TYPES iOS App Icon, Launch Screen, iMessage Icon, CarPlay watchOS App Icon, Complication (including vector based complications) tvOS App Icon, Launch Screen, Top Shelf, Top Shelf Wide tvOS Game Centre Leaderboard, Dashboard macOS App Icon Universal Universal & device-specific image sets, in @1x, @2x (Retina) & @3x (Retina HD variants or as single vectors ) Catalyst Icons FEATURES Up-to-date for all the latest devices iOS 15 with iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad Pro & 4K Apple TV icons, macOS Catalina etc. Support for importing images in numerous formats: png, jpg, bmp, pdf, svg & more Batch exporting Automatic best image variant selection: add images at multiple sizes & have the closest match used for each asset Advanced image validations, letting you know when images are to be upscaled etc. Retaining vector images; automatically converting vector-based PDFs & SVGs into PDF assets Support for merging new assets into existing catalogs whilst maintaining your existing folder hierarchy Automatic image naming & renaming tvOS parallax icon editing Preset image sizes for assets used in-app, i.e. tab bar button size, nav title size etc. Automatic alpha removal handling, removing alpha channels where necessary to ensure App Store Connect acceptance Fully featured command-line interface Shadow & corner rounding effects Adjustable image padding You can watch a demo of the app here STANDARD & PRO APP VERSIONS The app is available in two different versions, Asset Catalog Creator & Asset Catalog Creator Pro. Both versions have an identical set of features but have different pricing structures to suit your preference. Asset Catalog Creator gives you the ability to make iOS app icons out-of-the-box & you need to unlock the ability to create each additional type of icon via in-app purchases. The in-app purchases are all non-consumable so will be unlocked permanently & can be used across all of your computers. The difference with the Pro version is that every type of icon etc. is unlocked out-of-the-box & there is nothing additional in the app for you to purchase. For the latest news, updates & promotions follow me on Twitter @MarkBridgesApps Terms of Use



  • Simple, effective

    By Tech guy/SF
    I use it for icons all the time.
  • Did something I need it to do

    By And, by the way...
    I'm having a lot of trouble exporting SVG images for XCode assets from Affinity Designer. I was able to drag & drop such an icon exported by Affinity Designer to this app and export it sized as a tab bar icon , and then drag the resulting PDF into the XCode assets and it fixed it - it was sized perfectly.
  • Awesome

    By glose
    Makes creating icons for App Store drop dead simple!!!
  • Indispensible

    By Intelligence3
    Would never try to create an app without it. There are a lot fo developer tools on the App Store and 90% of them are useless. This tool is indispensible. Use it, love it.
  • Fantastic!

    By HKS5
    Perfect tool for the job
  • Great

    By John AK 2
    Saves time.
  • Save a time creating the insane number of images needed for iOS

    By JediCoder
    If you are creating a universal iOS app you will have to create 25 images just for the app Icon. Imagine creating all of those images manually. Well with this app, you take one image at least 1024x1024 drop it on the app and select "iOS - App Icon" point the output to your asset directory in your project select "Update Asset Catalog" and you are done. I use the app for every ios app I write.
  • Excellent!

    By Carlos.rios
    This app save you a lot of time!.
  • Awesome tool

    By Posterizer
    Solves one problem and does it really well. I love this tool. Really cool and easy to use too.
  • Super helpful

    By Brewha2000
    Easy to use and saves a ton of time. Perfect.