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  • Makes me crave a coffee

    By Tealowlj
    This game is so much fun. It’s arguably the most challenging of the papa’s games. Compared to freezeria and the older games, this one is much more complex. Not just in terms of drink making, but customization, holidays, recipes etc. There’s a lot to unlock and it’s definitely something that you play on and off for months, or even years. I don’t know if I missed it but I do wish I could add my own custom drinks to the menu!
  • love the concept, but the execution isn’t the best.

    By meganh666
    i adore the style of this game, but i think the gameplay is just too complicated in my opinion, at least compared to other games in the franchise. there are far too many steps involved in making orders, and i can never seem to complete them fast enough. to give a thorough break down… (this part is long, feel free to skip over it) first you have to select what kind of milk the customer wants, select the temperature, and then manually pour out the number of shots. then, you select what kind of roast they want, how many shots, and manually tamp the grounds. after the milk and coffee are done brewing, you have to sort them in their correct order, then select the size of the cup. next, you manually pour in the milk, coffee, and any other fillings, making sure not to go too fast… you have to center the nozzle in the cup (which really doesn’t make sense to me, literally how does that effect how it tastes in the slightest?), next you add toppings on top of the drink. once you’re finished with the drink, you make the cannoli. making sure to select the correct one, then select the filling, and the topping, you have to center both in the cannoli (which also, doesn’t make sense to me). this brings us to a total of thirteen steps to make an order. for an example of how out of place this is for papa’s games, Paleteria has five steps. i’d imagine the other games have a similar amount of steps to Paleteria, since Paleteria doesn’t feel out of place in comparison to the other games. i’d really like to like this game, but i feel like making orders is just far too complicated… and making orders is the main thing you do in Papa’s games. maybe it’ll grow on me, but i just can’t see myself liking, or playing this game as much as the other Papa’s games.
  • Love the game but..

    By Sillylove 54
    I love the game every single thing is perfect but I wish the developers were still updating the game so we can have Food Truck Free play like the Cluckaria and the Paletira games. It would be so fun making your own combinations with the game specifically.
  • WHY . CANT . I . BUY . COINS. !!!??

    By N1gg4ba11s
    Writing this bc I do get a lot of gift cards for other things and I normally do have some money left over so I normally js buy coins in these papa games BUTT tell me why I CANT BUY COINS ONLY IN THIS GAME (I think I haven’t played all of papas games) LIKE PLEASE LET ME BUT COINS, I LOVE DECORATING THE LOBBYS AND DRESSING UP MY CHARACTERS WITH THE SEASONS BUT OFTEN CANT BC I . CANT . BUY . COINS . PAPA PLSSS FIX THISSS!!!!! love ur games btw have a good day yall🥰🍪

    By Fixdabug bruh
    I turn off the music fx and play my own “coffee shop jazz” in the background. It really gives the barista feel and makes the game feel more settled and enjoyable.
  • Would love deluxe version or to add food truck

    By maeflower_1
    Obsessed with this game, especially playing on my iPad! I’m in my mid 20s now but I grew up on these games and this one adds a nice challenge that I haven’t experienced in previous games. Now if only we could get a food truck added in an update or have a deluxe version of Mocharia released my life would be complete 🤍 I want to be able to experiment with my own recipes, specifically in this game, because they did such a great job on the graphics and controls in this one. So many cool combinations I’d love to play around with.
  • amazing!!

    By 😈😈😈😎😎😎😎
    super fun to play , just downloaded tdy and have been playing nonstop !
  • Amazing game, but I have a problem…

    By Mocharia Fan
    The papa’s games are so so fun and addictive. I love these games because they let you express your creative side. I only have one problem with these games. They cost money…. Even though these games are amazing, me having to pay to play isn’t very efficient.
  • I’m obsessed.

    By Hvfhvtdhvjbjxtxgh
    I’m rank 57 in this game meaning i have played over 100 games and this game is so fun i love it. it’s relaxing and brings back memories to when i used to play this as a kid. i will forever support their content 🥹🩷
  • Such an addictive game

    By Andreina DeGrave
    I love coffee so I had to try this game and it is so much fun and satisfying I love the way all the different ingredients mix the color combinations are really nice and visually pleasing everything is so creative as for every other flipline game so I’d say it’s definitely worth it