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  • Great game!!!

    By Popcorn68353837
    Love this game it is absolutely amazing! It’s worth the price! They can add a few stuff to the game, but overall it’s great!
  • Can’t get refunded

    By carmillerar
    Tried to get reimbursed for the app & I’m unable to get a refund.
  • Papas burgeria

    By Monstercat1987
    Good game from when I was a kid, but there’s a bug that’s keeping me from accessing the lobby to decorate it. Would like an update soon.
  • Terrible glitch

    By the rival of the 5 star rater
    Sometimes when i use the button that speeds up cooking, the game just completely breaks. Patties stop cooking, moving through menus will make the buttons not show up and so much more. Please fix this
  • Issues

    By MegaK00L
    While I love this game and the original, it’s annoying how many times I’ve had to close and reopen the game thanks to the grill station breaking. Some examples are, burgers suddenly not cooking at all, not switch station buttons disappearing, can’t interact with anything except for the increase cook speed button. With how great this series is I find this port very disappointing.
  • Problems with the game

    By kdetore
    First off I’d say the game is nostalgic, I remember I’d use to play this game on the coolmathgames website until the flash stopped supporting. The game is good on mobile but there are tiny bugs/glitches that needs fixing. When I try to flip pages it’ll work then the game would freeze and not let you flip pages which causes you to close and reopen the app to restart. If this issue could be fixed i’d add the last star. But for now 4 stars for the game.
  • needs to be revamped

    By DumbGey
    i love this game but i feel as if they need to add fries or soda to it. i feel like making just a burger is boring. and compared to the other games, this one has very low quality. it’s not as high resolution as the other newer games (obviously) but i think they should making it higher quality
  • Game is broken.

    By Senjiah
    I just bought the game like 5 minutes ago,Im doing the tutorial then the game freezes every time it goes to the toppings.I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!
  • Games having trouble

    By elezebethb1
    I’m on day 24 and can’t get passed it because it keeps getting all messed up. The timers on my burgers are freezing and the meat won’t cook. It’s buggy. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and never had issues. Please fix it!!!
  • Please update glitches

    By Gcarlisle21
    I love this game!!! But doesn’t seem like it supports for new iOS update