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  • So Awesome!

    By Ingrid Ickes
    So,When I was gonna watch television, I was going to watch a movie and watch a movie with my friends and I was going through a lot of stuff and I was like oh my gosh I just want to watch it and I was so excited to see it and I was just like oh my goodness I was like oh my freaking goodness I was like oh my
  • page and when I enter I dis see the plans and I page the same thing comes out again

    By Alexis7172
    I opened the account I paid the payment Disney premi I opened the profiles and left Now that I come back in I see that the information is incomplete I complete it and it comes back to choose a plan again I have not been able to see a single second just page for nothing
  • ???

    By littleman a.k.a blue lightning
    It’s ok I guess but the the best part is it has Guardians of the galaxy it’s a awesome movie sieres and show I recommend it
  • Awesome

    By Webslinger19
    It’s so good you get to watch all your favorite movies on it like it’s so good!!!
  • Doesn’t work well on service at all most the time

    By My Favorite Meme Game
    I like not having to use cable but, the thing doesn’t work even on full service most the time.
  • angry

    By disney is poopy head
    it won’t let other people log into my account we were supposed to watch bluey😪😪

    By CherrySmile 333
    ADD MORE ONE PEICE AND DEMON SLAYER sorry but everyone I know left Disney plus cancelled there subscription and got Netflix because it has more
  • Lousy interface for finding what you want

    By NitNicked in LA
    I subscribed solely for the purpose of watching the new Doctor Who. Trying to find a new Doctor Who was a pain in the behind because it treated each of the special episodes as individual features, and not as part of the series. This meant that searching for one and watching it did not automatically queue up the next one. Just very irritating and dumb. As soon as I’m done with Who, will dump this app.
  • Disney is the best

    By Yanabeann
    Whenever I have a bad day at school, it always makes me feel better. When I know I can come home and watch Disney+. It is the best thing that’s happened to me. I love watching Bluey with my family when my family is not around I like to watch descendants Disney has a lot of amazing movies and shows it’s like I don’t know but it’s amazing better than Netflix it has the best shows and movies and you should watch Disney+
  • Question about Disney + environments for Apple Vision Pro

    By LupoCaneLupo
    Could the developers for Disney + make it possible to watch a Disney movie environment with “Light”? Disney + “Dark” environments create too much reflection inside the Apple Vision Pro to enjoy the movie.