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  • Ok I don’t know why it’s crashing for you people but this game is amazing

    By rxmart28
    Ok so this game is amazing there’s nothing wrong with it but also there’s only one glitch I found that if you go into the rooms that the statue opens in the indigo lantern level it will make it do the gates close early and making you teleport to different cages randomly
  • Lego Batnan 2 not bad but needs serious improvements

    By Marsh Waha
    LEGO Batman is a great series and DC Games never disappoint, the game is fun and all, and I have no complaints there. However, my major issues are first the counter attack its supposed to be automated somehow and you just do it and I wish there was a way to do it manually that part I wish they would change or improve somehow. Second, is starting a new game which is impossible, unless you delete the app and then redownload it!!! Highly infuriating. Warner Bros., is a great company with awesome contents but the gaming department especially the mobile gaming part of the department needs work I want to see more updates on a weekly basis, because I swear every time Apple releases a new iOS update or new iOS the LEGO games get slower and slower and worse and worse the apps need to be updated more to keep up with the ever changing apple iOS software. Big issue in my opinion.
  • Nostalgia

    By Ghostygamez
    This game is my childhood. It might be a little buggy but the gameplay and nostalgia make up for it. Money well spent
  • Masterpiece

    By #Karenhater
    Beautifal geez stop making so good lego games daang this is better than the 2nd one cuz free roam and change suits in place.shut up people this is the best ever since i broke my ps vita i missed the lego games tho i do have og but theese are just as fun. Also here is a request, can u add lego marvel avengers plz ty and keep up the good work
  • I can’t finish it

    By king troxer
    This game is a good game for Batman lovers but it can not work and also finding the yellow ring thing is like impossible I tried to do it but it didn’t work
  • Do not buy

    By Flash2007!
    I want a refund
  • It would be good but glitchy

    By julie tann0965
    I cant fight the bat monster while he’s stunned

    By ….3618484
  • Best game evER 69% sure

    By floofy x21
    This game is so gooD AnS the best ou5 there no glitches and my iPad definitely didn’t explode wH1le playing
  • best game ever!

    By Cambriat
    the graphics are the best and the suits and moves you can do with different characters are the best. i mostly like the red guy.