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  • Bad update

    By Ginnypear
    I’ve been playing all your games but have deleted most! The main reason is because your allow the yahoo search engine to interrupt the game… I have to let the ad run until the screen goes blank just to move through the game! Then after allowing the ad to run, it tells me that I have NOT watched the whole ad, while still playing after watching ad after ad it still says I must watch the whole ad to move on. I’ve been playing Candy Crush since you put it up (via Facebook) but it it doesn’t STOP with the extra search ads I’ll be deleting this one too AND ILL post my thoughts on the Facebook site as well! I’m SURE IM not the only person that’s becoming frustrated with this sophisticated update. I’ll watch the ads to move through the game but sometimes it’s a bit ridiculous!!!
  • Oops something must have happened to the video

    By Cricket'smom
    Was going to give you 5 stars but oops something must have happened to my finger
  • Me

    By Taken Not Taken
    Love love love this game. But please please please get rid of the McDonalds add, specifically the Hispanic version. It doesn’t work and the only way out of it is to close the app. So very frustrating! This is not the only game where this ad has caused the same issue. Thank you!
  • Ads

    By Em4034
    You allow adds that completely stop the game. There is no way to get out of it. The McDonalds one is the latest one. Please take a closer look at these. I have to shut my phone off to literally get out of the ad. I love this game and would like to actually play. Thank you As of May 18, 2024, This is happening AGAIN!
  • Stupid question before the game

    By ladymojgan
    I play candy crush and I have high score and I bought lot’s of live, but recently you add more and more and more stupid animal carton and lot’s of questions before the game starts and between the hames. This is takes a lot’s of time. Stop doing this.
  • Ads

    By onashelf1
    Get rid of the McDonald’s ad. Lots of complaints and you have done nothing about it.
  • Blacks out

    By Goinuts
    Been playing this game quite a while. Lately I have been thoroughly disgusted. When you opt to watch a video for extra life or extra stuff, it blanks out. Drives me nuts. May need to shelve this game for a while. If a company buys advertisements via videos they are getting ripped off byp
  • Stupid ads that don’t work

    By bblsmjk
    I’m done losing extra bonuses etc because of the broken McDonald’s ad
  • Too many “Oops”

    By 4536cx
    They ran out of levels at 14065!! They put me back to day 1 but didn’t erase my score. Have to wait in limbo as I’m locked out of advancing until they design higher levels?
  • Glitchy bad ads

    By LegFacedMcCullen
    Love the game but TOO many of the ads you watch to earn extra tries will glitch, never offer an exit , never indicate length of time the ad runs for before reward is earned, and too often, I have to shut the game down and restart. This costs lives.