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Math Solver - Nerd AI

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  • XD

    By Carloz zeta
  • Incorrect answers

    By Dansmithers
    This can’t solve any problems. It has miscalculated each problem
  • Mid

    By Ddrddredrrddrrfgggf
    I rate it 2 stars because it cost money to be able to use the app it’s only free for like 1 problem of work. But it’s good💖
  • App needs work

    By Azdope1
    How come when I take photos of work it comes out all jumbled up when my photos are super clear
  • Stopped working

    By ti348hi!?:
    This app was great at first but then it just stopped working. I paid for full access so I should have gotten unlimited questions. I deleted the app and reinstalled but it still will not come up with a solution to my problem. I emailed the help desk and that was a waste of time.
  • suckz

    By shrecks big toe :)))
    app suckz, all of y’all leaving good reviews are bots. only thing this app good for is asking it what 2+2 is. 🗣️‼️
  • App

    By Leooo3345
    Love it!
  • The best

    By president ilu
    You are the best
  • Best app ever for kids and teens for homework when you’re busy

    By Why just 45min!?🤬
    This is a good app if you need help studying or for help when you can’t get a tutor!
  • I love this app

    By Londyn, Lewis
    Guys this app help u with your homework and when I started using this app I was in maze 😱