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  • Good

    By Old Man Mack
    This is a good game I’m playing on my
  • Best game ever

    By Rae serrameud
    Best game ever
  • W game ong

    By jaden for the boys
    I love the game especially hogggg ridddaaaaa
  • Best game in history!!!!

    By Bloodylegend242
    This is the best game man has come across.I told all of my my friends about this game and they can not get me to shut up about it. Our clan Infinte Darkns had very helpful people thanks to the clan chat and to the amazing community and the ability to join clans. Played this game since it has came out never got bored of it. The only two annoying parts about this game are you can not cuss in chat and the long upgrade timers i have two bases bc of it! Thank you super cell for making this game and i hope that you add more to this game. p.s. if supercell reads this please PLEASE reduce the upgrade timers thanks.
  • Best game in history

    By Jandudjeheurie dhr
  • Clash of Clans

    By Nice Army you got there
    This is game is all about strategy and I like it because Holland is one of my favorite place on Clash of Clans is the best game right now in my opinion you build statues buildings and even guardians for example archers canyon air forces and that’s my rating of five stars
  • Clash of clans

    By Fate2707
    It is very fast forward and you don’t need to constantly keep gemming or using money and is not as over priced as other games
  • Eat game ever

    By Sanity 0915
    W game hope changes make it better
  • The Queen

    By CroytheDecipticon
    I have a problem with the new queen ability that allows you to one shot all building from the other side of the map. I mean it’s annoying how I get three starred due to it. It takes me so much effort for me to construct a pretty great lay out just to have someone drop their queen and blast like all my building and completely wipe them out like in a second. It’s unfair and I want that to be either removed or for the developers to do half damage.
  • Supercell best mobile game

    By Moises._20
    Clash of clans is an amazing game I ever play and I watched the tv show name Clash-A-Rama.