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  • Sp please fix this

    By maxatrillion11
    I get thrown into a unfair matches with people who have spells,hunters and other cards out of bone pit
  • Pay to win with poor matching

    By Seanhr2
    So... it doesn't matter what your strategy is. Eventually you just get paired against higher level people and the only way to win is with better cards and the ones that pay money get those faster. Simple as that, go play TFT if you really want to flex your strategy muscles, this game is for idiots spending money to win. Clash, money should be for skins and such. It's just such a crap system. Would give zero if I could
  • Needs work

    By slnixon
    SuperCell morons still will not fix matching algorithm.
  • Terrible 2v2 matchup system

    By Ap Reviewer 2012
    If you enjoy competitive 2v2 games, do not play this one. The 2v2 matchups are the worst of any game I have ever played. I don’t know what algorithm Supercell uses but it is terrible. Newb or low ranked cards are matched up against lvl 14 players with all high rankings cards. Over and over again. The system chooses low king tower players to play with lvl 14 players to make for a terrible match as skill levels are far apart.
  • Почти апнул 4к, потом пошли сливы подряд,вообщем игра говно

    Игра говно
  • I love this game

    By Jay n tay
    No cap
  • Amazing

    By roytten tomatoes
    I’ve been playing for 3 months or so. I have all cards in my deck lvl 11 an a lvl 12 mini pecka. I reached legendary arena a little bit ago. Haven’t spent money, but I have wasted a good 2 hours every day. I think when you get farther into the game it becomes pay to win. I like the game and strategy involved. I do hate it though when I’m 29 trophies away and I win and get 28 trophies. If you have lots of spare time it’s a good app. Ps. NEVER play COC it’s pay to win
  • Great game

    By FredwardBenson69
    This game made me punch a hole in the wall because I lost 10+ times in a row to decks that counter mine. Even if I switch my deck it immediately has counters for that. Otherwise a great and fun game. Would recommend but not to people that get angry easily like me.
  • Pathetic pay to win garbage

    By Cadokk
    This game used to be pretty even between people who pay and those who don’t. Ever since the battle pass this is not the case, as those who spend money will frequently have cards two or three levels higher than those who don’t. It’s sad to see how this game has degraded into a paywall nightmare it used to be very fun and has some ingenious mechanics. Hopefully they fix it soon, for the game is currently a grind fest for new players who want to get adequate level cards.
  • Unfair sbmm

    By trellyobread
    Bruh y’all game is buns I played 2019 and deleted it after 2 games cause I new the game was ptw so 3yrs later it’s even worse me than before honesty your game has been fallen off due to lack of updates and entertainment it’s only getting a lot of downloads because of ishowspeed with him this game is still consider boring and lacking a lot of what you call “Fun” honesty poorly made and needs a whole restart 😓😓😓