By Scopely, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-04-11
  • Current Version: 1.11.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 233.61 MB
  • Developer: Scopely, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.84558
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Hit GO! Roll the dice! Earn MONOPOLY money, interact with your friends, family members and fellow Tycoons from around the world as you explore the expanding universe of MONOPOLY GO! It’s the new way to play - board flipping cleanup not required! Take a Break! Escape, enjoy, dream, scheme and stay in touch with this newly reimagined twist on MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite zillionaire, Mr. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands and imaginative locales. So MONOPOLY GO! Experience classic fun and visuals with gameplay fit for your phone! Collect Properties, build Houses and Hotels, pull Chance Cards, and of course, earn that MONOPOLY Money! Play with your favorite game Tokens such as the Racecar, Top Hat, Battleship, and more. Earn more tokens as you go! See MONOPOLY icons like Mr. M, Scottie and Ms. MONOPOLY come to life, and brand new characters too! Your Family Table! Help or hinder! - You and friends can earn easy money with Community Chest and co-op events! Or heist their banks to help yourself get to the top. Don’t feel bad! Collect and trade story-filled Stickers with friends and family and in our MONOPOLY GO! Facebook Trading Groups! Complete gorgeous, clever albums for huge rewards! Features! BUY & BUILD YOUR WAY TO THE TOP Collect Property Tile Sets to build Houses and upgrade your Houses to Hotels to get even more rent from friends! All you have to do is hit GO! ENJOY THAT CLASSIC MONOPOLY ATMOSPHERE Roll the dice to enjoy the classic MONOPOLY board you know and love. Featuring familiar faces such as MR. MONOPOLY, and familiar spaces such as jail (womp womp!), Railroads, Properties, Tokens and more! PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Get social! Play with friends to take full advantage of new mini-games such as Community Chest – where you and friends take a break from mischief and work together! NEW OPPORTUNITIES EVERY DAY Play Tournaments, the Prize Drop plinko mini-game, the Cash Grab mini-game and follow our Events for big rewards. With new Events running every hour, there are new ways to play and win every day! MONOPOLY GO! is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Internet connection is required to play the game. The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. for its property trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 2023 Hasbro. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Additional Information, Rights, and Choices Available to California Players: #additionalinfo-california By installing this game you agree to the terms of the license agreements.



  • Taking the Pay-to-Play experience to an all new low

    By Aimster1012
    I understand that the purpose of this game is to make money for the creators. No argument there. I don’t mind in-app purchases, but what I think is dishonest and unfair is that as soon as you make one purchase all of your other purchase prices go up. My husband and I started playing about the same time. I have purchased several small packs on my account, and now all of my packs and options in the store are considerably higher than his with fewer dice and lower stickers. So until monopoly changes that, I will not be making any future purchases. You shouldn’t punish those who support you by making you pay more to get less.
  • Going downhill..

    By borreli,h
    In my friend group, I’m the only one still playing this game. It’s addictive and fun, but there are some major issues that are continuing to worsen the experience. 1. Dice regeneration takes way too long. 2. The higher boards are so outrageously expensive, yet you still only receive 50 dice for completing them. There should be some amount of increase in reward the higher you get because it takes exponentially more to get through a board. 3. The albums. Two albums ago, I finished in the last week and felt so accomplished. Last album I played every single day, and for the entire last month I was stuck on 2 gold stickers. My friend completed the album twice. You can’t trade golds and it’s near impossible to get the purple pack without paying. Many people I know quit after the last album ended for this reason. They keep saying “just win the challenge on the side,” but that’s also near impossible. 4. Bots. If you don’t get bank heisted in a certain amount of time, a rando will steal 1/3-1/2 your money. Most in game friends will steal small chunks. I was heisted 5 times in 3 hours by friends, then nothing for 13 hours, then got hit by a rando for $5B. 5. Secure sticker trading is nonexistent. The best way I’ve found is to go through a Discord that monitors scammers, but Scopely insists on just trusting people through Facebook, who scam left and right. Also, you can’t trade gold stickers so you could get stuck for a month waiting on 2 that never show up. 6. Odds of getting rare stickers and winning community chest went down. 7. Scopely doesn’t respond to any real issues.
  • Things changed

    By ReyMonae
    Ever since this new season of cards and albums, etc with this app. It’s like they changed so much that we barely get any cards, barely get any type of rewards nowadays in which they’re basically making us have to pay for rolls in which I don’t like at all. I still remember before this new season, I was able to get many rewards and rolls, etc but man they being real skimpy this time around which is sad for people that actually not trying to spend any money on the app. Like they’re basically trying to indirectly force us to buy rolls or buy certain things to finish these events that’s going on. It’s sad.
  • Bait and Switch

    By Kdhoov
    I’ll admit I got hooked on this game. Started buying dice just to play,because they never give you enough. Then I finally won the little event. Where you team up with four people. Each of us a team of two. Won some dice and some money. AWESOME!?!? NOT!!!! Now, as soon as you win a lot of dice, all of the sudden, the multiplyer pops up. That’s where you roll the dice and multiply it buy 200,300,500 depending on how many dice you have. I had 5000 dice I won,I rolled! I find it very ironic. Normally I can have 2 to 3Billion in money account and I’m never bankrupt. That day I rolled and won 35 billion. I built up my little cities and stopped,so I could go back to work. I had 23 billion left. By the time I got off work -four hours later, I was bankrupt. It seems the bigger the bank account,the more they go after you and make it so people can attack you. The smaller your account,you don’t get touched. I’m not the only one that noticed this-since they encourage us to form groups. We chit chat and discuss. I want to delete the game, but my daughter wants to win,at least once by getting all the stickers. You really had a good thing going and somehow,somebody ,got greedy and ruined it.
  • Fraud game

    By Marquez.
    Don’t play this game. Incorrect counts, customer service doesn’t reply, stickers are repeatedly duplicated to the point of absurd. Don’t wast time and certainly don’t waste your money.
  • Why do you receive every other star car other than the ones you need?

    Completing the album are ridiculous. If I have a 1 star pack why do I receive 2-3 star cards when I need a gold 1 star etc. It doesn’t make sense how hard it is just to receive a card you need for a particular star set. It’s cool to receive those 2-3 star cards but I need a one star gold. Why are regular and gold packs separated? Pretty much have to try to win events or hope and pray it lands on a pack you need when you spin the wheel for higher tier star cards.
  • Be careful!

    By Pissedoffalby
    This game is too fun! You may catch yourself playing it too much. Have fun, enjoy!
  • Crappy new update

    By Gold hair shanks
    The new set up is not good I keep getting the same gold sticker and sometimes it doesn’t give you the reward you earned, and the tournaments are no way near fair, how can you compete when someone has 75,000 points and all u got is a little more than 800, and I am constantly getting knocked down by a person who is not a friend, I thought only friends can do that, overall the new update is rigged and is a set up for you to spend money on the game.
  • Gee

    By Geebaby313
    I love it so much
  • GG but…

    By SpiderAlex12000
    It’s fun and amazing I just don’t like how it’s kind of money grabbing and you need apple or Facebook to get more rolls but it’s still amazing