1 Hour 2 Funds

1 Hour 2 Funds

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The 1 Hour 2 Funds calculator is three tools in one. The first calculator estimates the annual income the nonprofit or business needs to generate in order to pay the desired salary to the business owner or director per year. Calculator #2 will generate a nonprofit foundation categorial budget based on the estimated annual revenue for the business as calculated by calculator #1 or your estimate. Calculator #2 will generate an estimated federal budget based on generally accepted percentages for most government agencies. You can treat it as a business or nonprofit budget worksheet to plan out the budget for your upcoming grant, contract, or loan application or to assess your annual budget priorities. This calculator is pretty straightforward - you just have to input the starting value in the first calculator and the calculator will do the rest for calculator 2 and 3. You can also enter other values in each calculator to look at a variety of scenarios. If you want to get a jump start on developing a great business budget for applying for grants, contracts, or loans, take a look at our 1 hour 2 funds calculator.



  • The Best App Hands Down

    By Noble Haven Inc
    I just purchased the app and my mind is blown 🤯 It was so easy! I just plugged in my total budget & the amount of hours on the project. And in seconds there was a financial breakdown of all the numbers. Easy, Breezy!