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  • would be 5 star easily except for the pointless unskippable animations

    By buckrussell
    seriously did you people fire your ui/ux person? do you know nothing about a good user experience? forcing players to sit through 15-45 seconds of useless animations after each round is so stupid i can't even express it properly. ditch the useless animations or at the very least make them skippable like good developers do and I'll consider revising my rating. this isn't rocket science but as devs you should at least be smart enough to know that unskippable animations are HORRIBLE design. maybe take a programmer bootcamp or something...
  • Not like advertising

    By Octeria
    Downloaded the game because of the advertisement I saw about it . Turns out you aren’t actually saving the king every time like it says . I made it to level 900 and only saved the King probably about 3 times . So the other 897 levels were just regular. Very disappointed.
  • Too many hard levels

    By mvdjr
    They have hard very hard and super hard levels, forcing you to have to buy coins to complete stages. The game is fun, but it would be better if it wasn’t so hard to get rewards.
  • Huge Rip Off

    By Cam5108
    I enjoyed this game for a while and realized the only way to advance is to spend money. Trying to clear a level a hundred times and knowing you need to buy a package to advance is not worth it.
  • Rm bad

    By Amara D19
    This game is bad it says that you save the king that is a lie it took me 70 levels for me to save the king and it is a copy not going to say what but it is so that is the truth
  • I love this game

    By love this game 👏🏽😃
    You earned a money but next year can you add more stuff but up the Price when you win a game and get money ok love this game thank you for making this game
  • Adds look more fun than the real game

    By None…. 🚫
    I think this game is really cool! It has pretty good graphics and nice levels but it’s just like many other other games. I have played a game like this before and they are always pretty much the same. Play like 10-20 levels then you can get a challenge to save the kind (or someone). Me personally I like trying to save the dude better than actually playing the levels. Dot get me wrong I still love the levels but after like 10-15 it’s boring. It would be a great game if the creators could just make it so you save the dude like every other 2-3 levels. Besides that is a pretty good game. I5s fine if you don’t agree with my opinion but that is jus5 what I think.
  • My fave game!

    By Prestobesto!
    It was sooooooo much fun! No ads and no internet required! So far my favorite game! It is also COMPLETLY free!
  • Nothing like the adds

    By 🌺 Blossom 🌺
    It’s boring and you don’t do anything it’s just basic puzzles while the king just smiles and stares at you. Waste of time. Don’t download
  • Not really like the ads. 😕

    By Becky dawg
    First of all, when they say that this game is perfect for killing some time, they’re right. You’ll need a lot of time because if you loose you might be waiting a little more or less than 10 minutes. Secondly, the whole “save the king” thing is total baloney. It’s pretty much your simple match 3 game and you save the king or whatever every what, 20 levels? Royal Match is honestly just like literally any other match 3 game. I don’t recommend it but everybody has their own opinion. Have a nice day and thanks for reading! 😃