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  • Skill calculator gone

    By Soulshatteredbbjjj
    Little disappointed the skill calculator is gone. App is buggy and doesn’t work like it used to.
  • Great but the drop calculator got worse

    By Poppinshots
    My only problem with it I liked it before when I didn’t see all normal items and I could specifically look runes, set items, uniques, etc. when I click to not have junk show it still shows normal items.
  • Drop Calculator broke on newest update

    By GrumpAlert
    Used to work great! I’m trying to look up drops for Mephisto and I’m unable to choose any super uniques that are farther down the drop down list than Diablo. All the names after that are not available. If you search for a monsters name and click it then you would get a different name corresponding to what name you would have pressed on the original drop down list before you used the search function. Basically I can’t search for drop rates for monsters like it used to do. The menus for the monster drop rates are not working.
  • Holy grail keeps resetting

    By Totallyimmortal
    Awesome app but the holy grail keeps resetting all uniques found back to 0%
  • Latest update

    By Rudy111111111111
    Just updated to patch 2.6 and the monster area level are missing. Maybe just a glitch. Hopefully it gets resolved
  • Needs updating

    By mikejocon
    Doesnt include full breakpoints and we’re on patch 2.6 and last update is 2.4. For a pay to use app it needs to be updated.
  • Item check list!!

    By nickname has been entered
    This app is sick!! I’ve been collecting trash sets, etc. and this app has a check list so I don’t have to try and remember what I have on 5 different mules!
  • Just what I was looking for

    By daedrafruit
    This app is amazing, saves dozens of browser tabs! I really appreciate the ability to switch between d2r and 1.14d. The quality makes it well worth the price, everything is readable, the icons look nice, and the animations are smooth. Also, no ads! It would be nice if the item catalog could link you to the drop calculator by tapping an item. I also think the runewords tab could use a sorting feature (sockets, highest rune/level), alphabetical feels arbitrary. Otherwise, amazing work!
  • Kudos to the dev

    By kraziecoco
    Thanks for such an awesome simple to use app. I use this over google for D2 recipes and item drop %s. It’s really good.
  • A must have app for console players!

    By Crixen
    Great resource to use and keep track of without have to deal with multiple websites. Can’t wait for it to be updated for the 2.4 patch which I am sure will happen soon!