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  • This app is garbage

    By CantPickTheName
    First time trying to make a purchase, it would not allow me to. The price was even below the limited amount that this app allowed. All the signing up and setting up the app was a complete waste of time. If 0 stars were possible, thats what it deserves.
  • Zero help

    By L999088
    Customer service is extremely hard to reach and doesn’t even answer all of your questions , it takes a while to get a response in the first place so having to send in another request because all questions were not answered the first time is just longer waiting.
  • Lack of support

    By bradleyp33
    Gave them a message for their support but said they’ll reply within 24 hours and it’s been a few days since I sent the message! Horrible service! They don’t care about you!
  • Con Artists!

    By johnny5?
    I made two purchases with this app both relatively small. I think combined a total of about $350 but on the second purchase I had a full refund which was returned to Afterpay in the amount of approximately $300. The first purchase I made a couple payments on when my credit card had some suspicious activity, so it was cancellec. When I went to log into the Afterpay app, and this was only a few days later, my account had been disabled for some reason. The account was displaying the wrong phone number however I'm still getting text at the correct phone number. And there's no phone number available for customer service so I had to contact them by email. Keep in mind at this point I've had a full refund and that more than covers the cost of what I purchased in the first order. Over emails I was told first that I do not have an account, then second, that I have an account but it's been paid in full. Additionally, they offered no ability to access my account and they would not reinstate it. After tha phone call, where I swore, yes, I have an accountwith a balance, they promised they would contact me. They have not done that and it's been over a week. I have contacted them a few times with no responses to my emails. Meanwhile, I continuously get text messages saying that one, I received a late fee on my account because I missed my payment, and two that they have yet to add the late fee but they're going to. So as of right now I've gotta be up $50 that they owe ME, yet they’re harassing me via text that I owe them late fees, and then I previously received emails telling me I don't have a balance on my account.
  • Bad company!

    By Ariyannav
    Ok first off yu cant even buy nothing on this app because yu already would have to have a card with money on it and this app says that 4+ yrs old can have it but 4 and up dont have MONEYYY!!? Nd i cant even get my afterpay card becuase they apparently can’t identify ma identity 😂 like yall need to go thus fix app and do better😂
  • Terrible customer support

    By Andy Kemple
    I have an account approval amount but I am not allowed to use it. There is no one that responds in a timely manner that you can reach. I have used the app with no issues and on time payments but they just quite allowing usage with no explanation.
  • Horrible

    By Glannp
    Dont waste your time or money with afterpay horrible customer service and shadiness youre better off paying in cash or using a dif platform for buying to pay installments i wouldn’t recommend esp not to my friends n family
  • Identity

    By ugh.,?
    Its been months and it still cant identify me
  • Luv

    By nepateria
    Every time I’m on a particular store on the app and when I’m looking at something, it always keeps disappearing. It’s very annoying. It must be a bug. Please fix this always where I’m at. Keep going back and back at the very beginning I was.!
  • They have recently removed all the features that once made it great

    By Mrreview9
    They used to have a rewards system that had special privileges for customers who used it frequently. They recently deleted that. They also recently canceled there pay anywhere card program. Pretty disappointing