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  • Worst experience

    By ydxjidvsy
    I don’t like this app, very hard to use
  • So close to perfect

    By Big_Apple_J
    I use my IPad as a primary device and this app fits in my workflow perfectly. This won’t be as important for most people but it is completely accessible with the VoiceOver screen reader so blind and low vision users have access to all the features in this app. The only thing I am missing at this point is the ability to retrieve a value from a response and assign it to a variable to use in subsequent requests. If that feature is in this app I can’t find how to use it. Otherwise all around great experience.
  • Variables can’t be calculated

    By itsmemani
    How do I have calculated current utc time stamp for a payload calculated?? What’s the point if I can’t calculate auto timestamp values for a variables.. only hard code strings?!?
  • Does not support .json

    By Wild Terky
    Cant import or view json files. I really love the app interface though :(
  • Handy app!

    By ekrub
    Great app when you’re away from your laptop and need to issue some REST calls. Has all the features you’d expect, including headers, variable substitution, and different views of responses. Using a variable in the URL needs some help. No braces in the keyboard for URLs, so you have to copy & paste from some other field to get a variable into the URL. And using a variable (containing valid host address) for the host address incorrectly shows an error: “The entered URL does not include a host, please insert a valid host.”
  • Very promising, some features missing

    By ____joey____
    I might just be stupid (normally am) but I would love the ability to define variables per request instead of having it project wide. I feel like this should be a feature and I just can’t find it. Other than that I’ve had no issues with it, great work!
  • Needs Oauth2 support as well as Siri Shortcuts integration

    By mikey186
    I switched from HTTPBOT, one of your competitors due to lack of oauth2 support as well as lack of support (no documentation). I would wish this has oauth2 support (with redirect uri) and not just a access token. I do also wish is the support of using Siri shortcuts as a action. Please bring the advantage to Siri Shortcuts in the very near future.
  • Helpful utility!

    By PizzaLover__69
    This is a pretty cool app with some very useful features. The request builder is a nice touch and I love the ability to view the response in various formats.
  • Pretty good

    By Particularidiom
    This does pretty well for what it does, it would be nice if you could switch between the responses on each call, instead of needing to run the call again to get the response. It would also be great if the returned JSON could be collapsed. Otherwise one of the better clients I have used for iPad.
  • Works well

    By TheAznTiger
    Works great for testing APIs. Can you add a way to duplicate a request entry? Often I have to test several requests with similar parameters (like auth headers) with a few small modifications. Also the ability to copy/paste query params and headers would be nice.