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  • It’s good

    By pedro536
    It’s rockstar, what do you expect
  • Bully is good but I like the console more

    By jomarthegamer
    Honestly bully is my favorite rockstar game and I beat it so I was happy when I found out it was on iOS the game is amazingly well put for mobile but there is one problem with it the controls are rather stiff but overall that isn’t a problem it’s also very well polished but I would take the console version anyday
  • Just like ps2

    By David Gallian
    It’s exactly like the ps2 game except its smoother and looks better. I thought “man i already have this game on pc and Ps3, why would i buy it again for $7? Well i bought it and I don’t regret it. I never beat the game but I’m currently in the process and its a bloody good game. 10/10
  • Great game

    By Warrenryder
    This game is very fun and the story is great, you can basically do anything you want around school and the missions are hard but that’s what makes it so rewarding
  • Wow

    By Black eagle :)
    It’s the best game I’ve played on apple
  • Sorry?!?

    By MyDickNeedSucked
    I like this game but I don’t really like it no more because each time I hit a student it hits random people and then the authorities always chase you for no reason at all. I hate this game and hopes it get low ratings
  • Amazing

    By Mr. Windsor
    As an 11 year old kid this was one of my first steps into rockstar and I love it the characters are amazing the only problem I have is that the combat is too easy

    By Poolside Spider
    ppl who say that the controls or toutch screen are sucky just don’t know how to use it… haters gon hate.
  • Mission glitch

    By JAJA31714
    I can’t get out of the maze in Funhouse fun because the door is locked
  • Great game

    By mafia_respect
    Very fun game