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  • lack of backup and import support

    By dkduen
    the tooling lacks mature features to back and restore data bases specfiicly around sql server and postgresql
  • Perfect!

    By teebow_
    The absolute best product available for mac. Great Support as well!
  • I LOVE this app!

    By CraigShaynak
    I have used this tool for a few years now and love that I can manage SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, POSTGRES, and other databases all in one place and on my Mac! When I have had questions, they have ben answered quickly and bug fixes and updates are regular. Two Thumbs Up! :)
  • Great when it works

    By blerplerpl
    Great interface, but it regularly hangs. Have your "force quit" window open and ready, and save your files after every new character typed. It will crash, so if you don't do this, you will lose work. I'm finally changing over to psql. Yeah, it's hard to read, but at least queries won't hang regularly. If this was a free product, I'd give it more stars. But paying for a good interface on a tool that can't keep a connection without crashing is a real waste.
  • Great cross db tool

    By Togue019
    Purchased in 2017, got a lifetime license for I think $100 at that time which included TSQL, MySQL, Postgress, etc... and it has been great. I connec to a wide variety of databases and one of my favorite features is that it stores what queries you ran, I write a lot of them and it's great to go back to something I have already written and want to run again. For the Developer, today I had a scare where after a restart it presented me with a screen that I don't have a license. Luckily quitting the app and opening it again solved the issue :)
  • good for any admin at any level.

    By argios82
    Rock solid performance even with insanely long queries. I connect to dedicated servers, cloud servers and databases on the edge and have not had any issues. I'll be honest, there is a little bit of a learning curve but once you understand it is awesome. what i like the most is the query preview.
  • Doesn't work great

    By Kevin234234
    Sometimes takes forever to reconnect.
  • ABsolutely does not owrth money it costs

    By Ailama
    Just rudimentary SQL editor with basic syntax coloring and minimal functionality. Buggy and freqauently crashing moreover. It would be great free utility or $1.99 tool, but definitely not worth the money they ask...
  • excellent

    By DRBenham
    Super clean interface, pleasure to use. My goto application for SQL on the mac.
  • Almost perfect!

    By TheMicster
    I don't like that I can't see the database name on the connect home screen where it lists all my databases. It's easy enough to change the database in the query editor but if I want to see the schema for a different database on the server I have to go back to the connect screen and make a new connection to the same server but in a different database. I also wish my home and end keys went to the beginning and end of the line not the whole editor window. Also the page up/down just moves the view and not the cursor.