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  • Help!

    By Chellie1122
    The app keeps freezing on loading
  • Time Lag

    By 4 year test
    Cameras are often up to ten minutes behind. Notifications don’t always work.
  • MeShare, zomodo, Zsight

    By Xena38
    Buyers Beware! This is probably the worst company we have ever had to deal with. This company which includes Zmodo, Zsight and Meshare does not support their products or update their apps! If you need a camera or surveillance system go with another company!
  • I want a refund

    By Just WHY!!!
    I purchased the 30 day icloud...and it only records for 9 seconds at a time. It missed people coming and going by 3 minutes. Sometimes it wont catch anything at all.... But my other cameras catch everything IT MISSED. So sad. An this was a Trial version before they charge you. Well I would like my money back. This was a trial period. Please refund me my $9
  • Account issues

    By Javon92k
    You guys deleted my account without my knowledge, & also do not have a chat support or phone number to call. The website also is not accuracte.
  • Sometimes issues or crashe

    By tabarnett
    Biggest issue I have with this app recently is whenever I hit an alert to see the motion clip it will skip ahead 10 seconds past the event start and whatever was there is already gone. Then you have to zoom in to the timeline to back it up a little so you can see what actually triggered the event. This only started recently probably after a software update AND after I paid for a subscription on two cameras. Probably cancelling at least one subscription when it runs out since not being able to see what set off the camera defeats the purpose of having and paying for it
  • Zero out of 5

    By Deserae1992
    I should have known what I was getting into when there’s not possible way to even pronounce the products name. I will never buy these again and I would NEVER refer these to anyone. Not only after a few months they won’t connect to my Wi-Fi anymore but you have to pay a monthly fee PER camera to see anything more than 24 hours back and it only catches for a few seconds then stops recording so my car was broken into again and the camera saw a few people walk by but did not recording long enough to see even one of them open my door. 0/10 highly would not recommend Plus the Manuel says CLEARLY -This device must accept any interference received including interference that might cause undesired operation.
  • Phone issues

    By Zoey_Denae24
    It seems like everytime I turn around this app doesn’t want to work. I’m glade I stop paying for the meShare subscription cause there’s absolutely no way y’all are going to continue to get any of my money when your app NEVER works. It’s ridiculous and y’all could definitely do better. There shouldn’t be any reason why I’m concerned for my safety because the camera system doesn’t wanna work anymore. This past week the app won’t even open and I’ve redownloaded it more then once.
  • The worst

    By Dita Gates
    This app is the worst. I gave it 2 stars for when it was working it was decent. But now my cameras are saying device off line but when I look at the camera it is lit up red and flashing. I tried to troubleshoot myself but it didn’t work. I tried to reach out to support and all it gives me is a message saying live supposed times. I can’t type in the chat to ask any type of question and there isn’t a phone number to call. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I’m glad I didn’t buy this because it was a gift.
  • Why do u think it’s a good app

    By Why I like roblox and don’t
    So first of all I don’t have this app because my parents and sibling have it but only allows 3 but it’s a very good app because they let us know when someone is there outside our house and every time when something’s there it shows motion and 2 weeks ago we heard shootings and the app let us know and we heard that recently our neighborhood been getting robbed for cars because my right neighbors got there car stole and the front too and others mores and when it let us know we locked all the windows and doors thankfully we are safe thanks to this app letting us know because someone was close to our door and saw a shadow so we we locked everything and thankfully my family is fine and I don’t think this is a bad app but if I start seeing changes I will have to report thanks and bye!