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  • Menu

    By golfguy36
    Why can’t I upgrade. Where are menu’s and options of where and what I want to communicate to you??????
  • Subscription/ refund

    By zorbrajessy
    My car has been in the shop and I have not had a chance to use this yet. I haven’t made an account. And I look and I was charged $100 on top or the $70 I paid for this. I do not know why I was charged this. I assume I’m in a subscription. I went to the site to remove this subscription and I was not able to since they don’t even have my email or any of my information. I need a refund and cannot find a number to call. I have not used this product I have not signed up for a 30 day trial. Again I have not used this yet.
  • 100$ automatically charged from my account

    By can you save yourself?
    I bought the device from a post I saw on instagram, but a week after I started using it all of the sudden I’m charged 100$ dollars and I’m subscribed to their premium service—some insurance coverage Mumbo jumbo. I hate when companies do this, hoping it’ll be too much of a hassle or we won’t notice so they get their free recurring payments from customers. It feels like you’re stealing my money! Sneaky subscription charges aside, the product is very useful and the app is well-designed. I’ll be using this very often, saves me a trip to autozone for diagnosis. Just annoyed me that they didn’t give me due diligence when charging me for their premium whatever. Had to go down a long funnel of ads and small links to cancel and refund the payment.
  • ?

    By csj ih rdb
    I have an airbag lights on and the scanner fixd scanned nothing it said no problems detected
  • False advertising

    By rayf27
    Don’t sign up for premium. They will advertise it at half price $49 then charge full price $99 instead. Don’t trust them.
  • The Company Behind FIXD is Garbage!

    By Bricemb
    The company and support behind FIXD is garbage, they have no interest in quality or support. Only priority is profit and more profit, if your inquiry is anything else besides that good luck !
  • Still haven’t received refund. Don’t see a place to cancel automatic payment.

    By Snailspiral
    I ordered one and received two. I was charged for two. I have returned both. Have not received a refund for either one. And it looks like they have me down for automatic payments and no way to cancel that. Waiting for refunds and cancellation of automatic payments.
  • Fixed code scanner

    By (K)e:y;;, |’(į )`|[Lo_cK]|®
    Amazing little scanner never left me down yet and has helped many of my friends and family locate the problem very quickly.And very accurate with its codes.
  • Works as It Should

    By RLB 57
    Keeps Track of Maintenance & Overall Performance of My Truck
  • Gadget didn’t work from day 1!

    By Kashdmasta
    Zero stars from the jump! Response rate from customer service is appalling ! No replacement due nor the courtesy to pretend to rectify the problem!