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  • Last major update screwed everything up

    By Rktmtnman
    I have used Ring for the last 15 years. I have 16 ring cameras and 1 doorbell between two properties. They used to work perfectly. No problems always picked up motion perfectly.. ever since the last update, my video is scrambled and leaves a pixelated gray picture with audio and it happens on multiple cameras and has something to do with the software. I just spent the last three years putting cameras up on these properties and now I’m probably going to have to switch them out with something that is reliable. Ring is not what it used to be. I was in love with these cameras, whatever happened to the update on software.. solar works great for power but something is way wrong now with the software.
  • Can’t sign in!

    By Phil musician
    What good is this if I can’t even sign into my account that I’ve had for 10 years??!! Is a fix coming soon??
  • Worst app ever

    By wilma104
    My security is at risk paid for monitored alarm and I can’t even load app on brand new phone tried to uninstall 10 times rebooting WiFi everything. Now I’m stuck with tons of gear inlays for and Svc that I can’t turn on bc app won’t work. Called tech support and nobody ever came on phone.
  • Best thing ever

    By Cmawmawz
    I have had cases where teens have blown up my garbage ect and we can yell at them and catch things on camera and if someone falls and meows you can see it . You also feel safe when you’re out of town 👍
  • Ring keeps messing up the functionality.

    By Dntusayit
    Put the ability to update each device BACK!!! I should NOT have to climb a ladder and press the reset button on the top of all of my cameras to be able to get them to update. Some of my cameras are 20+ feet in the air. Then the latest update is trash! The delete all feature no longer works and Ring CS said I would to log in online to be able to delete all, which is dumb. No one asked for event history! We can see our event history just fine. The developers are really messing up the app. That will make me look for another security company, because I don’t need to work harder to use something that I pay for already. Fix this mess.
  • It’s okay but getting worse

    By Her_Hiness
    Recently, the video captured is always distorted with a weird lag, the video buffers and the stupid wheel spins forever. Operating the app has become a chore within the last several months. The lag on the video is daunting & no…it’s not my internet. It’s the raggedy app. Its missing too many things and people that are directly in front of my door. Fix it! Delays. Delays, delays. It only shows people walking away? What good is that? Useless.
  • No Face ID or PIN???

    By J274637
    How in the world does this app not have Face ID or a passcode?? If someone steals my phone while unlocked out of my hands, they can look at my address and turn off my alarm system! This is just ridiculous
  • Snooze stopped working after update

    By dee mack7
    Snooze is not working after update. No matter how many times I set it it shows on in app but still send me alerts.
  • Failure

    By KG135NAV
    When clicking on “Sign In”, the app throws a 404 error and does not permit entering user name and password. Totally useless!!!
  • Captcha!?

    By Digghappy
    Can’t login because freakin captcha doesn’t pop up on my iPad. Turning off/on the bypass doesn’t work at all. Absolutely stupid that I have to solve a puzzle on an iPad to access my account. Oh wait, I can’t access my account because of a stupid outdated puzzle. Can’t wait for a better company to replace Ring.