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  • Good app but dead

    By jdhffjd vf
    I’ll give this a 4/5, I don’t usually write reviews but it’s a good app with just a few problems, the only problem is getting in game currency can be kind of hard and take a long time but that’s not that bad now if you’re joining for social interaction, don't, it’s literally people just basically sitting there not saying anything, it’s rare to find a room that’s actually active and not just people sitting there AFK or something I also think if you’re going to have a chat filter so it filters some of your comments make it better, someone was able to side step the filter and literally told me to “kys” over a username I shared with my best friend, now to some people you might just think I’m being sensitive but there are people out there who struggle with their mental health and stuff surrounding stuff like that and being told to kys can be very triggering, so not only is the game pretty dead but people are able to side step the filtering and say mean stuff to you just because of dumb stuff they don’t like
  • My credits are not working

    By wandaeee
    Good afternoon to IMVU developers, I have a complaint. I was watching videos to earn Credits on IMVU and when I was watching the videos, I wasn’t receiving my credits. I tried making a new account to see if that would fix the issue, but I still didn’t receive my credit when I was watching the videos. I hope that you guys can fix that problem because I really don know what to do at this point thank you.
  • Sexual Clothing

    By Zoet yo
    This game is not good at all! I started playing, and all of the clothes are very sexual!
  • Banned for no reason.

    By La'Tasia
    I’m not sure how or why but I was just permanently banned from my account that I’m hardly on!!!! IMVU this is unacceptable! I should take legal actions but I’m going to leave it alone.
  • From Kaila

    By It was the worst
    It was the worst decision to even get it I made a huge mistake it was theeeeeeeeeee worst decision
  • Spanish rooms

    By miracle _305
    There are too many Spanish rooms
  • Worst game ever

    By Olivia Crevda
    The game can chat and people say bad mom and dad got mad at me because people say bad words to people so it is the worst game on the planet.
  • No reason

    By The first 😣
    Ok so I spent 15 dollars on there and they logged me out midway through my game for no reason (I had to give five Stars that's the only way people would see it)
  • I love everything but how

    By Think_you_the_sh!t💀
    How do I get more characters? I only have one in the ad it shows another character I like everything else, but this has to get a four star rating because it does not show you how to get another character.
  • This app is OK

    By Juuuu💅🏿🦌
    A lot of these people on this app is toxic sometimes I will be on there and I will ask for a mic and then I’m kicked out of the room sometimes I’m not even doing anything anything you know I’m getting kicked out of the room a lot of people on there are toxic. There is a lot of bullying and also a lot of inappropriate profile pictures of people