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  • Great app, but needs some improvements.

    By Rainbow1214
    I was a former Spotify user until their new announcement where they decided to stop paying small artists unless their music reaches a threshold of streams. As a small artist, that infuriated me that artists were no longer getting compensated for their work. Anyway, I love Tidal’s exclusive Hi-Fi audio feature, I love the artist compensation, and the exclusive music videos feature is pretty cool. However, I have come across a lot of bugs in the past that could use some repair. At times, the app would display the lyrics to a different song I listened to earlier instead of the current lyrics. Sometimes, a song would play the wrong audio. I’d also like if Tidal could remember where in a song I paused if I leave and come back to the app. It’s mildly frustrating to have to find where I was manually. The most recent update has a very nice layout of my playlists, recent songs, and recommendations. I’m also happy I can now shuffle all my tracks. As much as I have a distaste for Spotify’s compensation, it has a lot of notable features I’d like to see Tidal try to match or compete with, such as recommended artists, collaborative playlists, folders within folders, playlists generated by mood and the user’s music taste, etc. It may also be nice to have a more customizable interface such as background color, customizable home page, moving the order of your playlists, etc. Great work overall, but please fix the bugs and work on adding some new features!
  • PLEASE hear user feedback

    By seventeenbandits
    Audio quality on Tidal is unmatched and I gave up my Spotify account to switch to Tidal, but this app is NOT user friendly. Please add a swipe to *queue* feature! The swipe to “play next” is aggravating and useless unless I want to queue up songs backwards (from last played to first played). I expect to be easily in control of adding and queuing music when using my music streaming app, so please just make the effort to improve on things that actually matter! I’ve been using this app almost 2 years now and I was hoping it would improve, but it hasn’t at all in those two years. Also, there will be times where the songs refuse to fully buffer so no matter what I do, there are pauses and skips in the songs. In those instances I close Tidal to open up a video streaming app (and am able to watch tv on my phone with no issue), but Tidal will still struggle just to play music for some unknown reason. Coming back years later to say that Tidal is still the worst in terms of user friendliness. I wish I didn’t miss Spotify
  • Tiny Desk

    By RStar86
    I was strongly consider giving Tidal a five star rating. If you carry more artist Tiny Desk performances for example H.E.R, Usher, Jasmine Sullivan and so on.
  • Love Tidal

    By ShahKing05
    I think this is my second review because this has been an ongoing issue. My problem is the constant crashing. I’ll be in the middle of listening something that I really like and the app will suddenly close. I’m not sure if this is Apple/Apple Music sabotaging the app or what but it’s really a pain to encounter , especially when driving. Please fix this issue. I’ve never dealt with this issue on my Samsung Galaxy phones smh. Other than that I would give it 5 Stars without a doubt.
  • Loving this app for the most part…

    By MedusaNoír
    I’m here from Spotify. So far, I’m finding TIDAL superior in most ways (audio quality is a given, but I’m also excited to see many songs here that you can’t find on Spotify). There are just two things really, IMO; I think if there were a way to make collaborative playlists on Tidal, that’d be huge. Less importantly, if we could choose our own cover images for playlists that’d be so cool! Those are really my only notes so far, thanks for this app xoxo
  • They will nickel and dime you to death stay away

    By Djtonton
    Super expensive they continue to cut out all these extra features. Before you could have you and your wife stream at the same time now that’s an extra fee. I used to be able to use it with serato now it’s a extra fee. It’s not great I would use something else unless you like getting features your paying for dropped and forced into paying more. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  • .getting this app will be an amazing opportunity! 😉😜☺️😃

    By Corinne Hurlbut
    I love how you can watch music videos on TIDAL! Normally you just have to listen to the music, but TIDAL’s got you covered🤗. Also they always have the best “ top hits “ playlists or “ holly jolly vibe”. don’t worry 😉 if you’re Jewish then you can prepare to have music locked and loaded for the holiday! TIDAL is full with Hanukkah playlists and songs! Their music brings us together as a community and a group of people all around the family has fun dancing to the music, singing along and even watching their music videos. I hope you enjoy this amazing music app and join the community of TIDAL’s fans! Thank you for your time and I hope you get this app if you do prepare for daily dance parties!😊😆
  • Poor information design

    By Xero the Cat
    The app is nearly illegible with tiny gray fonts on a black background. This true whether on a mobile device or a desktop computer… Search results are spotty but that could be because it’s almost impossible to see what one is typing into the app due to the micro fonts used. Fonts are not adjustable on the device used.
  • Here

    By Disciple Infinity
    I love Tidal. It’s just different and simple.
  • Issues

    By Aaron Iz
    App constantly has issues. Whether it’s functionality and shutting down, continuing music after just a couple of hours, or like now, the app doesn’t open up at all. App tries to own but does not go through and finish the process. Offloaded the app so now I have to download ALL 5k+ songs I’ve got download d.