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  • Less minutes!!

  • :)

    By ckivkffkkf
    This is a really fun game it helps me face my fears and the quality is really good,over all I recommend this game.
  • This is the best game ever thanks Scott

    By CharlieTD
    I love all the characters theres games and a movie wow!!
  • Erm what the sigma

    By LavaBrother2
    Erm what the sigma
  • olhaleo Freddy Fazbear

    By Mister dirty
    Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor Hor
  • Wheres custom night?

    By robloxohhhhhhhyeahhhhh
    on my device theres no custom my device is a i-pad I hope you add it
  • Scary

    By 🤓Sigma01$$$$
    This gam is so sccrary I almost popped. Graphics is bad but I think that wuz intenshunal. Bauls
  • The money is worth it

    By My fake name 1234567899999
    This game is soooooo fun I love it but foxy is a little annoying cuz when he runs down the west hall i cat close the door fast enough so I just die overall this game is good and fun I recommend for people who like gaming I rate this game a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so yeah this is my review byeeeeee
  • Best game ever.

    By Fat boi nhnnuyf ugj
    Best game ever.

    By A19942618
    Hi this is the best game ever!!! But can you update Foxy’s jump scare? And I’ll give y’all tips for the game. Night 1 it’s VERY simple nothing happens I even did completely nothing and I made it to 6 am. Night 2 Foxy may peek out of his certain but I don’t think he will come to get you and Bonnie and Chica may come to your door. Night 3 first things first look at the cams and don’t forget Foxy if he’s out of his certain don’t freak out don’t close the door that night you need to conserve power so check on foxy after a while and if he’s gone the easy way is to close the door first than watch foxy run down the west hall and be sure to watch Chica and Bonnie. Night 4 look at Foxy first and remember be ready when he’s still there but out of the certain remember don’t shut the door just check on him after a while and if you hear Freddy laugh shut the east hall door and check the camera east hall corner if Freddy’s not there open the door if he’s there keep the door shut. Night 5 all you gotta do is watch Foxy and Freddy that prevents Freddy from moving but why you check on Foxy is to know when he will come out and check on the camera first when you first get to night 5 then check the light on the doors do that over and over again and you don’t have to look on the other camera’s just pirate cove and show stage. Night 6 IS NOT EASY you gotta go very fast it took me about 5 or 6 tries to beat that night but it’s like night 5 you gotta look at pirate cove then show stage to watch Foxy and prevent Freddy from moving you have to look at cameras then door lights over and over again like night 5 but 100 percent speed. Night 7 costum night do all of those things and even though if you make it easy the power goes down fast I hope these helped y’all can let me know if it helped and Scott please fix Foxy’s jump scare and I wonder what is in the kitchen cams😉