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  • Change the spinning wheel

    By NatetheGraaaate
    You know the spinning wheel you used to get after every game? They have it on another screen. They should change it so winning a heart and/or multiple hearts isn’t an option. Reason being, hearts/lives aren’t a thing anymore on the app (at least not on the ads free version).
  • Frustrated player

    By Scribble FTW!
    I have many questions for the developers: 1) Why are there lives several of the “prizes” on the treasure wheel for those who have purchased it and don’t need the lives? Why not have a variety of other things? 2) Why are cookies never available for the pet? I have played for over an hour just to barely get 5 cookies. Thank goodness I never leveled up or my pet would have been long gone. If you create something like this you have got to make the cookies available more often or have a larger quantity now and then. 3) Why is the first thing in the game section “create a match” with some stranger? I do not see a place to opt out of that and it is irritating to have to delete each and every one. 4) Why are the treasure wheel and “my album“ hidden away amongst so many purchase options? 5) Why are there SO many purchase ads throughout? 6) Why are some of the questions incorrect? 7) Why are so many of the questions stupid with ridiculous answers to choose from? 8) Why is there not an option to trade in coins for the pink dollars or other things? 9) Why does this app seem to get worse and worse with each update? I do not want to email all of this. Just answer here so others who have the same issues can see the reasons you have.
  • Fix the trolls on here

    By Shireeeeeebagginssssss
    Perfectly fine submitted questions get declined for idiotic reasons. It’s unfair, fix this.
  • 4 star not 5 but probably best trivia game out there lol

    By Fire ice light
    pretty cool game with no ad purchase, the pet thing is expensive and not fair they shpuld fix their game, 4 star not 5 they need lot of updating
  • I do not like you taking away my privacy and trying to force me to play games with strangers

    By unsatisfied with changes
    They out and out lie on the updates. They don’t do it to make it better! They put more pop-ups to stop you from answering. They don’t want you to get the answer correct! And they push more and more strangers on you, I only wish to play with my friends. I’m sure you’re all very nice, but I don’t take chances anymore! I’m so disappointed with the app and their misrepresenting and lying! Used to be able to block people they’ve hidden that in entirely and if you say something they make it worse for you! This is not Jeopardy it’s supposed to be a fun gameall they want you to do is buy bye-bye even though you paid for ad free they put their ads in all the time. I’ve never been more disappointed in something.
  • Right Answer Checks

    By Rjleftlane
    Why am I unable to use any of my right answer check marks in the purchases version?? That’s not right…..
  • Best Game!

    By Bk 1229
    Love the game. I’ve been playing for years. Always something new. Explains things well The best support team when you have an issue / like no other !
  • Fun-ish game

    By Mike_Roma
    Game is really fun, however, the questions are pretty absurd. The questions to get a crown are extremely easy, it’s when answering the crown questions are extremely difficult that the common person would not know and just have to guess. I would say either make the questions easier or not have them at all. It’s more frustrating and doesn’t take much knowledge to win as it did in the past.
  • Standard game

    By Alimac123456
    Annoying to have whose on-line, similar stats and fast player (who I don’t care about) in the first three positions before I can play my games😡. DIFFERENT PLAYER BUT CAN’T CLEAR THIS REVIEW TO START ANOTHER😡. Why are you wanting $9.99 to play premium dance season when the rewards are’nt“ premium” but just more of same “missions” values. When this started the “premiums” were really great😡. So sad everything on Crack Trivia is about $$$ for you😢.
  • Questionable questions

    By Klig
    Some of these questions are not being vetted. They are bad and inappropriate. And some of them are too specific. As of the latest edition Love the game otherwise. Trivia is so much fun.