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  • I really don’t believe this app

    By cXm_:]
    I wanted to see if this app was actually telling the truth because I went through a whole crisis with my friend that I’m to fat but I had done some research and i figured out that a regular thirteen year old boy would be 75-145 pounds and I weigh about 120. It also said that a thirteen year old boy would be around 5 feet tall when I’m 4,9 like come on. ITS ONE INCH AWAY. Honestly, idk what to believe in this world anymore. It’s really frustrating already living around people who can’t even have the amount of decency to say that I look fine. Instead they rant on about how “obese” and fat I am. This app is a reason why to not trust the internet. Thank you, love 🦁
  • If I could give it 0 stars I would

    By unicorn lover:0💜:D
    It told me I’m obese even though I wear medium clothes I’m 5’2 and 170 pounds which I know using small but this app says I’m OBESE which made me cry for a good 2 hours 0/5 stars
  • Obesity

    By A m bcfchbh
    This app is horrible it says you’re a beast when you’re perfectly healthy makes people self-conscious of their body weight even if they’re healthy this app should be taken off of the App Store it is rude and not healthy for people to think they’re obese when they’re not
  • great app

    By Aveeee<3
    told me i was obese like thanks, at least it’s honest

    By ecpensibe
    this app made me think I was obese and it made me develop an ed I thought I was obese at a bmi of 22.9 but no I was a perfect weight
  • 12+ :(

    By get this game it's super fun
    This app is so sad
  • R

    By Hfieis
    I’m overweight and wanna kms

    By Heath Monroe
    I live this app because it’s VERY Realistic, it tells you the truth and I actual enjoy seeing the truth instead of just seeing something that’s lying
  • Idk

    By Every nickname isomfg
    W app fr
  • i just feel like it makes ppl think different abt them

    By i love it 4 stars
    maybe ppl starve them self on this app bc it says there over weight