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  • Loving it but have a suggestion

    By ChelseaE3
    I have been loving this app. It’s kept me on track with my daily tasks and being able to look at a list helps me know where to start. I love that it shows tasks by room or however you want to sort them! My suggestion is for the laundry part. It would be nice that if I check that I put I load in the wash maybe a couple hours later it could send me a notification to switch it to the dryer. I struggle with remembering and also if the “anytime” items could be added to the daily list, that would be helpful too. Then I wouldn’t have to leave the list to go into a category to check it off.
  • Tody = To Do & Tidy

    By Angebaby1036
    I am absolutely loving this app. It is exactly what I was looking for. An app that motivates me to clean, keeps track of when cleaning g tasks need to be performed, and is visually appealing. This has freed up so much of my brain space in my trying to keep track of what I did & when it needs to be done next. I also enjoy the Dusty challenge. I already like knowing my house is clean but seeing it visually represented in the way Tody shows it motivates me to do stuff I just want to keep putting off. I’ve added custom tasks to keep clean on all my pet related items as well.
  • A staple app in my life

    By Peachh
    I’ve been using Tody to stay on top of my cleaning for so many years now that I’ve lost count. It’s wild to me that I paid like $4-$5 and have had full access to this app ever since. I’m never unsure of what cleaning needs to be done and I can easily plan my days around keeping my apartment in tip top shape. The amount of time I’ve saved from cutting out the uncertainty is incalculable and I remain (nearly) effortlessly on top of my chores.
  • Cannot change list names

    By lahama
    It seems a few basic features are not present anymore. Now, in order for me to change the list name, I have to make another list and re-creat the tasks. I’d rather find another app, then rebuilding my list every time that I need to change the title. Nice idea, but lacking some basic things.
  • Make your life easier…

    By Stanleyann
    I highly recommend Tody for automating all your daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal chores. It keeps me accountable for getting things done and gives you that endorphin high for checking off the “to do” list. It is also helpful for reminding me of those thankless jobs like changing the furnace filter, servicing the hot water heater, and oiling the garage door tasks that never seem to be remembered. I also track new additions like yard landscaping, new roof, install pergola, etc. with one time tasks so I have a date to recall how old these things are. You need this app to simplify your life and make sure something doesn’t slip through the cracks…
  • App won’t load

    By bring back clear mode
    Seems like a great idea, I guess I’ll never know, because the app won’t load past the start page. Deleted
  • Fix the sound setting and it'll be a perfect app

    By kalbzayn
    Since a recent update, the sound keeps returning even though it's turned off in the settings. Very annoying on an otherwise great app.
  • Sounds won’t turn off

    By Sarahmc00
    I like using this app, but the sounds annoy me. I have sounds turned off under settings but it still makes sounds every time I check something off or move to a new screen. I don’t need the sounds of doors opening and closing each time I select a room 🙄
  • Astounding

    By Highvgg jjj hjjjn hdh
    I never knew how much I need this app. My housekeeping went from haphazard messiness to suitable for company with the organizational tools of this app. Absolutely love it. Update: the new update to the app will not keep the sounds off. Every day I have to go in and reset the sound setting to off. Sometimes more than once a day...frustrating 😕
  • Love this app

    By 36886437)*&4(+#&*);*
    I hate cleaning. But this app actually makes it fun. I’m very competitive. So this app gives me motivation