Threema. The Secure Messenger

Threema. The Secure Messenger

By Threema GmbH

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2012-12-28
  • Current Version: 5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 67.02 MB
  • Developer: Threema GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
Score: 4.28085
From 324 Ratings


Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. The service can be used completely anonymously. Threema is open source, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. With Threema Web, you can also use Threema from your Desktop. PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY Threema is designed from the ground up to generate as little data on servers as possible. Group memberships and contact lists are managed on your device only, and never stored on our servers. Messages are immediately deleted after they have been delivered. Local files are stored encrypted on your mobile phone or tablet. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including metadata. Threema is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR). HIGHEST ENCRYPTION STRENGTH Threema encrypts ALL your communications END-TO-END including messages, voice and video calls, group chats, media files and even status messages. You can rest assured that only the intended recipient can read your chats, and nobody else – not even us. Threema uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on users’ devices to prevent backdoor access or copies. COMPREHENSIVE FEATURES Threema is not only an encrypted and private messenger but also versatile and feature-rich. • Write text and send voice messages • Make voice and video calls (requires iPhone 5s / iOS 10 or above) • Share videos, pictures and locations • Send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.) • Use Threema Web to chat from your Desktop • Create groups • Conduct polls with the poll feature • Choose between a dark and a light theme • Quickly and silently reply with the unique agree/disagree feature • Verify the identity of a contact by scanning their personal QR code • Use Threema as anonymous instant messaging tool • Synchronize your contacts (optional) SERVERS IN SWITZERLAND All our servers are located in Switzerland, and we develop our software in-house. FULL ANONYMITY Each Threema user receives a random Threema ID for identification. A phone number or email address is not required to use Threema. This unique feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously – no need to give up private information or to open an account. OPEN SOURCE AND AUDITS The source code of the Threema app is open for everyone to review. On top of that, renowned experts are regularly commissioned to conduct systematic security audits of Threema’s code. NO ADS, NO TRACKERS Threema is not financed by advertising and does not collect user data. SUPPORT / CONTACT For questions or problems please consult our FAQs:



  • Good app but slow delivery..

    By Ζ `Ε Φ Υ Ρ Ο Σ
    If I message my wife within the Wi-Fi home network the messages go fast. If I am 40 miles away it takes on often 5 min to deliver the message. For a paid service that’s a NoGo. I can not really rely on it. Telegram is here really light years upfront. Instant delivery time + a lot of customization and design. I use this messenger on my phone only between me and my wife to not being disturbed by too many people. So it has a double private function for me. But hey Threema Guys.. You are taking long naps.. we have 2023.. your service reminds me those cowboy movies where the post was delivered by horses. But I give 3 stars bc the message is not coming in a bottle over the Great Lake👌👍🏼👍🏼🙏
  • Happy user

    By Katzcen
    I'm very happy with the threema app which I use to keep up with family members. My only disappointment is that I cannot join in on the group chats using an iPhone. Is there a projected date for adding capability for group chat with iPhone?
  • This App Is Designed To Alienate You

    By Irked123456789
    Maybe there’s some brilliant back-end encryption (though do some searching about that and come to your own conclusions), but the app seems positively designed to make you throw your phone across the room. From the new messages being pushed as software updates *that you can’t turn off* - the button for turning off announcements is ineffective - to the giant green blob concealing the text window the first time you try to use the thing, to the bizarre and completely inexplicable ritual of what seems like making some sort of passcode but isn’t, everything about this thing screams “we, the engineers, hate you and want you to suffer”.
  • More people need to use this.

    By ALChamp79
    Security, privacy, anonymity, what more could you want? The answer is more people using this app.
  • Keep staying at the welcome page and no reactions

    By MeAppleMoo
    Bug loop!!! Rebooting the app or the device cannot solve this problem! Threema 4.9.1 iOS 16.2
  • After todays update Threema did not start on IOS16.2

    By Vnn3333
    After todays update Threema did not start on IOS16.2
  • Nice but could add a couple of privacy features.

    By Unheard02
    Message deletion for all parties as well as timed deletion options like signal. Also the desktop app is mostly useless because it requires your phone to be unlocked and the app open on the phone while using on your PC. Perhaps the devs can make some enhancements and make the app better.
  • Good, but buggy

    By ThunderousMcKnob
    Has a lot of good features, and works a majority of the time, but has quite a bit of bugs. One of the bugs it has is that sometimes, during a video call, I begin to hear an echo of my voice. Once I end the call and reestablish a new connection, the echo goes away. Another issue just arose when I got 16.2, which is I won’t be able to hear the person I’m having a video chat with through speaker, but shutting the app down helps. Also has other bugs such as not given the option to use the camera unless I hold down on the users name from the contact list which will then give me the option to take a photo. There are a few more, but I could be here for a while. Just hoping some of these things can get resolved because they are quite annoying. That said, good app overall.
  • Crashes all the time

    App crashes every time multiple images and videos are downloaded in a group chat. Also, it takes a while to restart the app after it crashed. Android app does not have this issue. I love Threema in general, but constant crashing makes me think twice before asking others to buy this app.
  • Good privacy but quite some deficiencies

    By freedom4u
    I have to downgrade it to one star. The mobile app does not work well with the web/desktop version. It’s unreliable, buggy and too complicated to use.