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  • excessive microtransactions

    By TherealMVPPP🍖🍇🌯🍜
    main problem with this game is the aggressive monetization, the game is essentially worthless if your not willing to spend atleast around $10 to have a decent amount of content, on top of it being a premium app already. i don’t know why companies feel this type of monetezaiton is a positive for the game, just makes player experience worse.
  • Would be a 5 star

    By ernbryson
    Every time I beat the #1 leaderboard scores, it doesn’t update. I’m currently #3 on the leaderboard on the new Santa Cruz map and my highest line score has been screwed over 3 times. Please fix.
  • Game is really fun

    By BloodyXL
    But really limiting if you don’t have money to spend, beside for the free maps given at events you only get the one place it gives you for free. I think it would befit alot of it was easier and there were ways to get the currency for free.
  • Falling through the floor/maps.

    By Otbrios
    Every time I do a live event to unlock a map. I fall though the map and can’t spawn back on it :(. Already missed two live events because of this big.
  • Great 🤩

    By forget the towns
    I remember playing this as a kid, and it’s still just as fun as it was then.
  • Money is needed more often now to use the original features

    By Ryan dubach
    In the challenges it doesn’t say what trick to do only the way how to do it which makes it very complicated and you can no longer add an image to your skateboard for free.
  • Rail grind sounds

    By TrueSkateVeteran
    I wish the sound of the rail grinds were more metallic and silky
  • ?

    By Fgrf gas
    How do I refund?
  • I love it

    By BlazingMoonstone
    Such a chill game, I played a ton when I was in my computer class in highschool.
  • I get that it’s in the name but this is ridiculous

    By Chunkyd0ggy
    The Ollie Impossible mission is just downright unbeatable. It feels like I perfectly replicated the timing and position of the video and the board just falls each time.