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  • Not fun anymore

    By Mormaster
    This app has slowly gotten worse over the years, becoming more focused on trying to drain money out of their customers rather than creating an environment conducive to player enjoyment and long term playability. You can’t open the app without having at least three offers to buy virtual chips that you’ll likely blow through within 20 minutes.
  • What happened to my account?

    By jcro104553
    I don’t have access to my account anymore why? Alls I did was sent u an email and complained about why I keep constantly losing when I’m using my credit card to make purchases to buy coins. I also asked u in the email I sent to be fair and equal and let others win besides the others who are the same ol same ol ones. But yes it’s true others win a lot and tons while in other rooms like wrath of Kong VIP it’s a ripoff and nobody hardly wins
  • Not good

    By 53172
    This used to be a fun site but now I feel I’m penalized because I don’t buy chips. No big wins or spins.
  • Rigged

    By Grant90210
    It doesn’t make any sense because it’s not real money but the blackjack in this game is completely rigged. I’m an avid blackjack player in real life and play online blackjack all the time and I’ve never seen any blackjack algorithm. Be more rigged than in this game.
  • Rigged with glitches

    By FrancisDoyne
    Im Tier12, 10yrs plus spinning & spending! The game is fun but the winning odds is absolutely Rigged & worst glitches!
  • Non winning slots

    By 😢z
    I find it extremely difficult to get ahead in the slots lately. Very few wins and very stingy payouts. NEver any jackpots!
  • Garbage game

    By reyy1724
    If you wanna play the most money hungry game and rigged the odds are horrible then welcome to big fish casino everyone Ps all the positive reviews are fake literally interract with people in game they will tell you how horrendous this game is.
  • Was to much advertizing

    By mike 654321
    It starting to lose the fun with all the time in advertising
  • Ya déjenme ganar 🤣🍀

    By Sanpepitolabrador
    Me gusta su juego. Solo que a mi nunca me da billones 🤣 pero entiendo que es un juego de azar. 🍀

    By handymanron
    Your other ads have been long enough in duration and I’ve persevered and kept coming back to your site repeatedly. Now, I’ve had it. While keep coming back, I won’t be spending as much time on your site. The new ads from Madamenoire are just TOO MUCH. in less than 10 minutes on your site I was held hostage by three of their ads in a row, back to back, for more than a minute, each, two separate times. I don’t get a lot of time to come on your gaming site and when I do, I don’t want to be spending all of it watching ads!