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  • very good!

    By boxer.9
    very good
  • Nice software

    By Jdaruba
    Easy to setup and use
  • Excellant software

    By Tryitthensayudontlikeit
    I travel a lot and needed a ssh tool to be able to connect to servers and be able to do all my work on command prompt. Downloaded pro version and has made my international travel using this tool to do all my support functions remotely on my iPhone. Product gets updates and keeps getting better. It’s solid and works seamlessly over my vpn connections. Great tool and invaluable for admins.
  • Deleted my saved sessions

    By Long-time RPG player
    The app was working okay but updated itself and deleted all of my saved sessions and keys. Good thing I wasn’t on the road and had to rely on the app when it failed.
  • Flawless

    By Darth_Kneegrow
    Use it everyday for server management. very intuitive and overall one of the best options!
  • Confession

    By BLACKPINK__big_F@n
    I was looking for a hacking app but I clearly don’t understand what to do or how to work this app like what is this mean purpose for this but ig I like it
  • Simple. Clean. Elegant.

    By Ricopotamus
    The perfect SSH client for quick tasks on mobile. I especially appreciate the lack of unnecessary data collection a lot of other apps have. Pro version is great!
  • Couldn’t get it to work

    By Ace22ace
    It insisted on me entering a password before it tried to connect, even though my server doesn’t use password authentication. Unclear from looking at the log whether it attempted key authentication after the bogus password I gave it failed. Uninstalled and moved on.
  • Pay Wall

    By onehunglow01
    I used to love this app, it’s a year since I used it. Now to everything I try to use is locked behind pay wall. When I opened the app I had 3 servers listed, 2 I didn’t recognize with no host so I deleted. I tried to add new connection , nope not without buying pro version. I’m not using it for business. I was trying to log into a new 3-D printer I got. now it’s a worthless app that is being deleted.
  • So functional.

    By Mrmartymac
    This is such a wonderful tool. The ability to configure Tunnels in addition to SSH to servers is fantastic for remote work with customers. PLUS - Excellent support. Highly responsive