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  • Fun

    By classiccomic
  • Stolen coins

    By pasa54
    I’ve been playing for years and opened the app today with only one million coins instead of the 875billion I had accumulated.
  • Fair gameplay NOT

    By make me a epic winner
    Not even 5 minutes of play u advertise online that it is a free game but it is not if you don't buy u don't win and don't tell me it suppose to be like a casino with its ups and downs t casinos you bet money to win money here to spend money if you choose but get more gameplay but it's not fun if you can't play side games and u do t get free spins or win really low points I really don't k ow why I play here
  • Worthless

    By Fool to play
    Seems this game has lost its’s worthless.the developers think we are stupid.playing my free blinko showed me how things stack up here at slotomania …..if they give it to you free it’s worthless..
  • Disappointed

    By Slotto Angry
    I deleted the app about a year ago and just recently thought I would give it a try again. You can’t do anything unless you buy coins etc. always loose and hard to get free spins. Probably going to delete again
  • Awful

    By swillfam3
    Can’t play a game without all the stuff that pops up during it. So frustrating to play and have to keep hitting an x while trying to play.
  • Great game??

    By Moneygrabber..
    Our group did not even make the weekly bonus and you raised the minimum bet to 1 billion coins. It’s a great game though if you like losing and being frustrated by the never ending pop ups that block your screen. It’s a great game if your group never qualifies anymore because of the ridiculous betting amounts. The leaders in winning and betting are all on the bottom cause they are broke. Gone way down hill from what it used to be. You just don’t win. It is designed to get you to buy and waste your money. No thanks.
  • crown and royal

    By d kind
    is just dip every shoot please do
  • Boring

    By BeeBeebeeeeeee
    12 year player. Had enough. Too many pop ups and distractions. Most dashes are impossible to complete. What happened to the random drop down bonuses. Free spins are rare. Too many short lived games like catch the mole, again can’t complete. Don’t waste your time on this game. Will delete forever.
  • Not sure what's going on in game ? Plays it self ?

    By broke in flint
    Not having any fun yet ..