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  • Disappointed!

    By lsgoetz6
    I purchased this app a little over a year ago and enjoyed having this “book” at my fingertips everyday! Now it seems there are only a few readings available to me and I am very disappointed!
  • Jesus Calling

    By Mljbda
    I really enjoy reading your readings every day but, I hate at my age, 80 I have to pay for it every month.
  • Also disappointed

    By corbettgran
    I have had this ap on my phone for many years. Links many of my apps, I don’t use it every day. However today I chose to use it after not using it for quite some time. Since it hadn’t been opened for awhile, after I had read today’s devotion, I thought it would be a good idea to update it. Imagine my surprise when, after updating it, I could no longer use the app! Only if I will pay a monthly fee, can I use this app that I now have had on my phone for probably about 10 years! Very frustrating! No warning, no options to stay as a free version , nothing! I’m used to seeing other apps who add on advertising to their free versions; a slightly irritating but understandable option to keeping it a free app. But not Jesus Calling! Nope. It’s just gone now.
  • Still broken

    By jmhulsey
    *message to other legacy users: stop rating this app 3 or 5 because “the content is good”; of course it is, BUT the app is worthless. That’s what this review on the App Store is for, the app, and this app is less than a 1 star piece of trash that the developers need to fix once and for all! They’ve tried numerous times to keep it working for the ones that originally bought the app, but it keeps breaking with each update and forcing you to pay the subscription. “Restore Purchases” doesn’t work. It is now a useless app and has been ever sense they introduced the subscription model.
  • Can no longer access what I paid for

    By Dreadful_Won
    I paid for this app years ago when it was $10. Now it’s saying I have to pay a monthly fee. I have reached out to @HarperCollins about a week ago and still no response. This is not what I was expecting, especially since my purchase was based in scripture. Pretty sure it is fraudulent to sell something to someone, only to lock them out of it to sell it to them again. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed.
  • Enjoying start to my day

    By CaboZo
    The wording is done in such a way you can actually hear the Lords voice while reading the messages. It’s a feel good and encouraging read. Thank you
  • Money grab

    By TimMorris
    Purchased this application years ago. Have used it with the daily devotional for years. However, company now has decided to begin to charge again for the same content we’ve already purchased. I understand wanting a “Money Grab” for subscription services. But it certainly seems unethical borderline illegal to charge people for content that they’ve already purchased.
  • Still unable to restore my previous purchase

    By AngelJrUSF
    How disappointing is it that I purchased this app years ago and now I’m being forced to move to a subscription model. It’s even declining to restore my precious purchase. Wow.
  • Double paying

    By heyamberjackson
    Similar to others’ experiences, I purchased this app for a one-time fee for full access. Recently the publisher changed the pricing structure and now wants me to pay monthly for what I already paid for. HARD PASS. I loved this app but refuse to pay twice for the same thing, so will just live without or find a good daily devotional on Zondervan.
  • Great until they forced the subscription

    By JC App User
    I bought this app years ago and loved it. They changed to a subscription which I don’t want and the app now won’t give me access. Again I bought the app long before the subscription came out. Very frustrating!!