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  • Great music production app

    By Pac Man9323837
    Great that’s what it is great
  • Packs and songs missing

    By Cigarettes and beer
    I had to replace my phone and when I did the packs I purchased say there downloaded but won’t load and the songs I made are blank I’m scared to redownload the app fearing I have to pay for it again and all my projects would be lost
  • Great App

    By brandodabeast
    This app is good if you have the PC version of FL and are confused with the things on it. This app is very affordable for music producers that are on a budget. Overall this app is Amazing!
  • Horrible

    By Monkey1 2 3
    I would give this a 1 star but I like the free samples but I want to buy these samples but it says you have to be signed in so I was upset cause I was confused but then I finally found how to sign in, it says signed in as (account) and so I go to buy it but it still say verification required (sign in) so I click it then I put the cvp or whatever it’s called then I click done but it doesn’t do anything
  • Awesome

    By Serch22
  • this would actually complete the app

    By satx.aaron
    make sf2 (soundfont) files compatible with this app pls 😭
  • Fl

    By popstarillusion
    Best app
  • coolio

    By Dumbinthe_house_yt
    been using for like 3ish years and it’s pretty nice but tempo & pitch automation, soundfont support, swing, and reverse reverb would be nice
  • having troubles to insert midis.

    By FNFMIDInsertMan
    I tried to insert one of my midis from my files but… every time I selected it, the midi doesn’t show up. Is this some sort of bug or glitch or something? Because it won’t let me insert my midis that I have on my files. Can you please fix it?

    By pixel/aimbot24
    We really need soundfont support and it will be perfect