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  • Would be 5 stars but…

    By Collageislife
    My collages keep disappearing and I googled to see if there’s a fix it looks like this happening to a lot of users. It’s frustrating to spend time creating something only to not have access to it with out any explanation as to why. I love Pinterest, please fix this!!!!
  • My Issue With Pinterest

    By JoseraPhillips
    I am having an issue with Pinterest and I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I am and I haven’t found a way to fix it. I’ll be on pinterest for like 20 minutes or so and it will just kick me off. It shows a black screen and doesn’t let me back in for like an hour. This has been a reoccurring issue with my pinterest and I don’t understand it. Someone please let me know if this is also happening to them and what I can do if anything.

    By Urgirlscarrrrrr!!
    I love this app it’s amazing because it always is giving me ideas and inspiration for like cute outfits and other stuff but besides that it’s amazing

    By It could use things like...
    PLEASE do something about the A.I. overloading searches for almost everything. It’s incredibly insulting to REAL artists and people who need REAL references for their projects. The fact that there’s not even an option to turn it off is really irritating to say the least. The REAL art of REAL artists keeps being drowned out by A.I. “art” and it’s made Pinterest a lot less enjoyable for me. It’s gotten to the point where some searches I look up have nothing but A.I. “art”. Even when I’m looking up something that has nothing to do with art of references, there’s still plenty of A.I. pics drowning out the rest of the search results. We don’t need A.I. “art”, we need REAL pictures and artwork made by REAL people.
  • Don’t ever try to report sketchy things, Pinterest doesn’t gaf

    By jskmsnfnsnsmd
    I made an account bc I love posting pins and I hate posting myself on Instagram. I found out that someone saved my pin to their profile of A BUNCH of girls faces, bodies, and some were even ads of naked women. I reported some of the pins bc they were minors and the whole thing is just gross to me. I looked at my report action and saw pins I’d liked have been reported and taken down but none of them were anything harmful: (they were memes and one was art). When I reported a concerning profile saving a bunch of pictures of women, all of them got reviewed, disproved, and no action was taken. I’d really just appreciate if the world got rid of social media because I was actually such a big fan of Pinterest being safe but I guess no platform cares.
  • View This…

    By CarlyS1123
    Haven’t been able to enjoy Pinterest for months now. All pins are blank, no images. Scoured the “Help Center”, internet and YouTube for fixes. Have cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, offloaded the storage for this app in my phone settings, reinstalled again, and still unable to view any images for pins. How can you offer a ‘visual discovery platform’ with no visuals 😢. Will just have to use a similar app called Lemon8, which I’m sad about, because I really did love Pinterest.
  • WTF…

    By fogcitytj
    No pix or video when in select
  • Getting flooded with ads

    By mynsuz
    I have had Pinterest for several years and I’ve always really enjoyed it. Always a great source of inspiration ideas love the boards but of recent it has become nothing but a vehicle for ads ads ads ads and ads. I’ll get six interest to look at on my phone and of the 6 4 of them are ads. why are there so much? Why is there so much more advertising now? Is this anew policy of more ads?
  • Yo

    By demnuggets
    Best app
  • Im angry….

    By Cats vs pickles fan
    The app is overall very good, but I’ve been having a very irritating problem. When I create something, i obviously save it to not lose it, at first everything is fine but, a couple days or minutes later I can’t find it!! I asked my friend about it and she says she had the same problem. I really need this problem fixed. If you are looking to buy the app it’s amazing, I’m just saying what I’m having trouble with.