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  • Update

    I hate the way the update looks. The old one was much cleaner. I hat the way you have to like messages now, as that feature is crucial to knowing my section members read my important messages.
  • New update is horrible

    By Bizz_94
    ATTENTION GROUPME DEVELOPERS: the new update is extremely frustrating. I can’t like messages. Nothing loads. I have to exit the entire group and go back in to see if somebody wrote a new message. Something went very wrong in this latest update…
  • New update is a nightmare

    By Hank90210
    I cannot comprehend how bad the new update is. So slow to like a comment. Goofy interface, video and picture previews don’t load. Totally ruined an app we’ve used for years to keep in touch. I’m afraid now that the friendship of our group has come to an end, all thanks to GroupMe.
  • Update ruined the app

    By TonyC356
    Just like the title says. The new update ruined the app, it’s ugly and inconvenient to like messages now.
  • New update is baddddd

    By Illusion8787
    I never write reviews but I wanted to let you all know this new update is really bad, clunky and makes me want to delete this
  • Updates

    By Jbobby 18
    I can tolerate the updates and dramatic redesigns but it’s not what anyone is asking for. Everything was fine until the newest redesign where you turned a social app into a corporate chat called Microsoft Teams. They are two different apps and have different use cases. Please revert back to what it was; i guarantee little will disagree.
  • May ‘24 Update

    By Squints-
    My opinion. Latest update made the chat clunky. Added clicks to interact, increasing user friction.
  • Search function

    By Jaysombre
    Could you guys fix the chat search function? It does not always work
  • New Update

    By Against Bad Penguin
    This was a great app before the most recent update. Not the simplicity of GroupMe is gone and the app is a cluster. Our group chat was on the fence already about moving to discord and I think this finally did it for us.
  • New update is horrible

    By Hahsjdjdnbdh
    I don’t know why anyone felt the need to change things up. It was perfectly fine. Only reason this isn’t a 1 star is because no one else uses a different app.