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  • No landscape

    By Chadex77
    App will not rotate to landscape on iPhone and iPad.
  • NFL+ is a SCAM

    By Isaiah_5:20
    I tried NFL+ (not Premium for twice the price) for the first time. I signed up for a year because it’s much less expensive than 12 months paying monthly. I am extremely dissatisfied because it seems everything I tap in the NFL+ area immediately pops up a screen to upgrade to NFL+ Premium. Since I already paid for the year through the Apple App Store, there is no upgrade path. My only option is to pay full price for Premium as a new subscription. So far the NFL+ subscription is worthless. After reading about all the subscription issues in other reviews (I should have done that first), looks like an NFL+ Premium subscription is also worthless. I’ve already canceled my subscription so it won’t renew at the end of the year, and I won’t waste my money subscribing again. This app experience really hurt my image of the NFL.
  • Okay

    By mghrewocsurt
    It’s okay
  • We already pay for streaming, don’t need NFL+

    By Jess + Todd
    Please stop making NFL+ the focal point of your entire app. I understand it’s a captive audience marketing…but it feels like a grift. It make the visuals almost unusable when 1/3 of the real estate is taken up trying to sell your streaming service. Not to mention we already pay for all of the “other” streaming services the NFL has partnered with! The app also doesn’t shift into landscape, so even if I wanted to pay for NFL+ I wouldn’t because my iPad only shows everything in portrait. Who is working on this stuff for such a prolific enterprise? Otherwise, team information and weekly schedules are very useful, but this is no longer my go-to app for pro football.
  • Replays Are Broken

    By Piß Off
    I have been using this app for three years. It has always had major issues. I just discovered a new one. I wanted to rewatch the Seahawks’s week 1 win against the broncos 17-16, but the most recent season it would let me watch replays of was 2021. I waited a day, and checked again, with no change. I deleted and reinstalled the app, thinking it might somehow fix it, but no, oh no. Now, it will ONLY let me watch replays from 2009! It’s unbelievable that in 2024, you still can’t figure out how to make fully functional app that lets you watch game replays.
  • Most broken app ever

    By rawtofu666
    You paid for a subscription? Want to watch a game? They keep asking for you to buy it again? and so you click to buy it again because it's the only choice you have, but they say you already have it and it's an never ending loop? There should be a class action lawsuit against it not letting you use the subscription you pay for. It's been doing this for YEARS!
  • App is broken

    By jnb58
    Replaying only games from 2009.
  • Aceface941

    By Aceface941
    Why does premium have soooooooooo many commercials 👎👎
  • Landscape Mode??

    By #WeAreND
    No iPad landscape mode until going to full screen to watch something. When trying to cast to my tv from my ipad, the app constantly crashes almost immediately. Streams and casts just fine from my iPhone. Do better NFL, I think you have the $$$ for it.
  • Comically bad

    By DAA1964
    So many frustrating things about this app. From the notifications that appear on the screen, and when you click them, the app just hangs up with a black screen, do the ridiculous, blackout strategy, in which I’m unable to watch my out of market team, unless they happen to be on local television. If the NFL wants an app that keeps them in touch with their fans, they need to look no further than major-league baseball. Best sports app on the planet if you ask me. I can pay a reasonable price, watch every MLB game of my out of market team, and stay up-to-date on standings news players, etc.. The NFL fails in all these respects. At best, I can get scores after a lengthy delay of spinning wheel, and blank screen. The app is otherwise worthless, and if I want scores, I go to ESPN.