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  • My files have disappeared

    By Msharyyys
    All my previous 4 years files have disappeared without no reason I tried to contact with the app but I got no response for that
  • Go-to but missing features

    By cmal92
    Notability has always been my go-to note-taking application. Prefer the richer features and organization however doing so can be confusing. I still confuse adding dividers vs subjects when trying to organize my notes but once I get it right it is incredibly helpful. I recently purchased a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil pro a this is where features are missing. When squeezing the pencil pro the only thing that opens is undo and redo options. There is no option for even easy access to the eraser as the latest release notes proclaim. This is a huge miss considering they want to place the toolbox at the very top of the screen and do do not allow you to move it. The whole point of this new Apple Pencil pro is to have these things available with a squeeze. For that reason alone, this app now only gets 2 stars.
  • 有bug

    By 曄空
  • Not what it used to be.

    By Landontour
    The new features and money grabbing have made this app hot garbage. Constantly waiting for notes to load that should be stored locally have lost a 5+ year paid customer.
  • Great app for handwritten notes, frequent updates

    By beechnut82
    Been using this app for a very long time, since the iPad 2 I believe (before the Apple Pencil) for taking written notes during client meetings and site visits (sign business). I love the ink and natural feel of writing and sketching (especially when paired with a paperlike screen protector). The OCR is great, I frequently search my notes and notability does a great job at recognizing my written notes, even when my handwriting is sloppy. I use the iPad camera to insert photos into my notes frequently and mark up with the pencil, it’s just a great system. Things I don’t like: Would love to go back to the old UI so I don’t have to scroll down to see the title of my note. It was also very useful to see the date/timestamp next to my note title, which is now buried in a menu. These are relatively minor gripes about an overall great app experience. I’ve written literally thousands of pages of handwritten notes in notability and it is an integral part of my workflow for about a decade now. The app is updated frequently and new features added regularly. Thank you to the developers for making this great app!
  • Busted and I’m sad.

    By Jkwsioixfalls
    Can’t open a PDF from the Apple Files app. Get an error that says “can’t perform operation.” I have to perform a goofy set of round-about operations to open a file. Boo. Please address and I’ll gladly change my rating!
  • Great app…..but…

    By Richbary
    I really like the app and use it for basic note taking etc. Not enough to justify spending $ for features I don’t use. I just got a notice that my free version has expired and will renew again at a later date. I can understand a capacity limit, but a time limit defeats the entire purpose.
  • Likely Switching to Another App in the next 12 months

    By soraSkye-
    I purchased the app for specific features on September 16, 2013. Now, they are taking my access to features I paid for away and asking me for more money. Is it reasonable to pay people for hard work that they do? yes. Does it make sense to walk into someone’s home, rip 50 pages out of a book they bought from you, and then ask for more money to get those pages back? No. The sad thing is, the real issue is the principle. Had they asked for a donation from a long time customer, I would have been more compelled to support it and may have given more than they asked. I just don’t think it was handled well and who’s to say they won’t do it again in 6 months. The app was recommended to me from disability services. I, in turn, have up to this point recommended this app to many students. I would hate to continue doing that knowing they might have a bad experience like this. It is a good app with good features, yes…decent, some issues, but workable. Is it worth supporting a company that mishandles customers and things when it comes to ethics…that’s questionable. Are there counter perspectives, sure. But with all the things going on in our lives who wants to have to keep an eye every single company they buy things from to ensure they aren’t being handled unfairly. If every single app on our family’s phones pulled this stunt, they would randomly be snatching hundreds of dollars out of our budget on a whim.
  • Logged me out and deleted my planner

    By GoldenWalrus
    Beware using the planners that come with the paid subscription, the app will randomly sign you out and delete your planner since it thinks you’re not subscribed. Also deletes your backup! Awful experience and I will never trust this app again because its done this to me two times.
  • Stopped working

    By Red Wall P
    this app stopped working and I used it for years. Can't get support.