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  • No instant transfer from bank available

    By Ksmburns
    For over a month the ability to do an instant transfer using a debit card has not been available. This makes using the app very hard.
  • I hate this app!

    By I’m outta Venmo
    Venmo couldn’t find my account, none of the Chat options had an answer and it is IMPOSSIBLE to speak with a human. I’m cancelling immediately. It’s fine until you have a problem.
  • Fast, easy and fun! ❤️

    By tttttiiiiimmmmmmmmmmyyyyy
    Venmo is super user-friendly and so convenient. With so many features and options available within the app, there’s everything to love and more with Venmo! 💸💸🤩🥰👍👍
  • Constantly suspended for ‘suspicious activity’

    By scootermcgee317
    Except I haven’t even used the app since the last time it was suspended because I tried to re-link a bank account that I had used once before. Today, 5/26/24, I received an email that the account had been suspended AGAIN for suspicious activity. I have not made any payments or account changes since the last time the suspension was removed. I called this morning and the rep couldn’t tell me what the activity was and I would have to submit my ID to Venmo in order to get it unlocked and reviewed. Venmo already has my ID from when this happened six weeks ago.
  • Doesn’t work for me

    By pacspace
    Been trying to send money and venmo wont allow it. First attempt wrong last 4 digits of phone. All subsequent attempts after waiting hours before trying again (have correct number now but it doesn’t ask) declines my request and said try later. Still Doesn’t work.
  • Garbage

    By Love E!
    I can’t add any funds to my account from my card or bank. And when you finally get an agent that can help they tell you they don’t know when the security algorithm will stop declining my attempts to add funds. No point in making an account when you can’t add any money to it
  • Banking

    By jason-83
    Wonderful app
  • Most unreliable payment app

    By Vivalasveah
    Literally so stupid I got sent 75 dollars I can’t get it out without adding a payment method .. but every time I try it says error I’ve tried 10 cards
  • Normally, it’s pretty good

    All of a sudden, all the passwords that I have saved for Venmo don’t work anymore and I changed them repetitively and they still don’t work. It’s getting really irritating.

    By Taj ji