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  • From Slide Rule to WolframAlpha and iPhone in a Lifetime

    By GigaPan
    Life just keeps on getting better …. in a week or so, I will have my first iPhone, and it will be a real treasure having it and the Assistant app or Siri connected to Wolfram Alpha and Nuance … the future is bright for those that are entering college, and are able to have such nice tools to keep the pitch of excitement at a very high level. ********************************************************** When I first attended college, all I had was a slide rule for math and a book of five-place logarithm tables to compute with, but now it it truly amazing to see the the changes in a lifetime. Because of all the cool science and math stuff now on my iPad, there is a strong gravitational pull to return to the university to excel in calculus even at my age. ********************************* I have been a user of this software for years and years and it was my main program to solve tricky math problems. I retired and stayed away from using it for several years. Very recently, I bought an iPad and one of the first programs to d/l was Wolfram Alpha. To test it, I simply asked, What is the Great Circle Distance between Iah and hkg? It always worked in the past; however, trying to see an answer left me very frustrated. They must have stripped good parts out of the free version and added them to the paid version. My suggestion, and what I am going to do is to use as my primary word-math solver is to use the incomparable free version of ChatGPT, found in the Apple App Store, which provided me with the correct answer plus showing step-by-step solution. Dated May 18, 2024.
  • The Official Source

    By StooksC
    This was regarded by my father as a great tool and served me well to study and use all the resources that were able to help me deepen my understanding and knowledge of therefore my ability to confidently articulate the things that I studied and some things I began to teach others because my desire to know more gave me an itch to share my passion to understand!
  • I think previously I paid for this application

    By Sherap6
    What is going on? I paid for this application and now suddenly I see a subscription version. Can’t believe this things are happening. Update: Ratings Changed from 1 to three stars
  • Now, need expensive subscription

    By KBKinfinity
    The day you realize you have ten $60 app subscriptions that do very little for you and you rage quit them all and save $600 a year.
  • Waste of time

    By Good idea bad reality
    I tried to find out if it new a simple FDA number but nothing
  • Engineering math homework assist

    By family_all
    I find Wolfram Alpha to be a helpful assistant to Check, derivatives and integrals on my homework assignments. John in Florida
  • Wolfram Alpha

    By DT-48 fan
    Explore math and data sets Simple to use, lots of examples—very useful for any tasks requiring more than a simple calculator but less than a full-blown professional or academic package.
  • A Great Resource. I use it regularly.

    By CoCorkIRL
    I use it regularly.
  • Good for checking your math

    By LE2357
    If the solution is not too complex, you will get a fast answer, otherwise you need to pay.
  • Great problem solving

    By sirley1083
    The application does a LOT of things to solve or make plain the problem solving steps for most people. Great for students.