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  • I have lost my pay pal card. I can’t find it anywhere.

    By mat1941
    find it anywhere. Would you please send me another one so I can buy some stamps online. Thank You
  • Terrible for crypto

    By 010011100101
    Never use this for crypto cannot purchase using your PayPal balance and Venmo will take 10 days to credit you the money they took to purchase bitcoin when you sell
  • Worst app

    By OnlyTheTruth101
    This app is terrible by far the worst money sending app out there I have no clue how people prefer this over cash app
  • Oh great, spam notifications

    By ElFunkycowboy
    App and account deleted.
  • Do better

    By Sukiandjustin
    No one wants to wait 2 to 3 business days to get verified some people just want to spend they money so do better cash app is like so much faster
  • PayPal added Honey ext

    By Sooxi54327
    I don’t use PayPal very often and luckily haven’t had any money issues like others mentioned but it added the honey ext to Safari that shows up when I open web settings and I can’t get rid of it! I don’t have an account or the app and don’t want it but it’s there. I look here and it won’t let me review the app because it’s not downloaded. So why do I see it and WHAT ARE THEY ACCESSING without my permission or control of! AAAACKKK! There is way too much data harvesting I can’t control and it’s making the world worse than ever!
  • unnecessary nonsense

    By sonara517
    i tried to make an online purchase via paypal, but saw my account was blocked because an old/defunct credit card needed to be verified. i tried to delete the card from my account but paypal wouldn’t let me do this. i spoke to customer service who said i needed to contact my credit card company to get statements proving that i owned the card when it’s defunct and has been for years. and this statement must be from within the last six months??! i stopped using the card years ago so obviously it’s impossible to find a statement from within the last six months for a card that’s been unusable since like 2020. and all of these stupid hoops JUST to delete a defunct card from my account???? i was so frustrated i just decided to delete my account entirely but they won’t even let me delete my account unless i provide them photos of impossible-to-get bank statements! it’s all so ridiculous and arbitrary and i’ll just not shop from online sellers that only use paypal. i’d give 0 stars to the company if i could
  • My contacts are on pending still?

    By Mortalhero8
    Hey PayPal I sent money to an talented artist and she is on pending fix it right now because I’m waiting on a commission from her
  • Beware of autopay

    By Srinis4444
    Autopay is defaulted for any transaction you do .
  • Beware

    By Aggravated …….
    I have had PayPal for awhile now and let me tell you, at first it’s ok if I had issues I call them and they always helped me to take care of issues with whatever it may be. Here recently I had several reacurring charges in which I filed a case with. I called and explained my situation and what was happening they filed several cases for me. 1 for each charge. A month + later I am told because of my history “whatever that means “ they denied it. Close to $600 I got scammed for and PayPal let it happen. And I sent $500 to who I thought was supposed to get it only to realize I sent to the wrong person. I remediately tried to stop it in a pending mode which should have stopped it. And said I can’t I contacted the guy, he refuses to give it back and PayPal says nothing they can do about it. Again getting ripped off PayPal siding with thieves. So beware. Use at your own risk.