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  • Is this app a scam or something ?

    By Yepper77
    I canceled a order because the seller told me to be explicit about my refund and I can’t refund it now because it seems you only get one chance … item is supposed to have 1 year Allstate protection and I have no way applying for it .. I contacted the seller and explained but now he’s not replying back .. f you eBay
  • Review

    By Baltacar
    I would like to have a coupon for my next purchase all that I had are expired, I have never used a coupon before on eBay 🫤
  • Please do not download this app! Otherwise you will become unfortunate!

    By Claire Wong
    Very ridiculous app!Very bad experience! Various fees are inexplicably charged for each order.
  • eBay “app” is woefully lacking…but they don’t care.

    By Dr. E.
    There is missing functionality on the eBay app versus accessing the eBay website directly (such as when using any “smart device” versus a pc. Most notable and frustrating is the buyers inability to place multiple items from the same seller into their cart and request a combined total. Instead, eBay forces the buyer to pay for each item individually AND charges full shipping charges on EACH item in order to process payment. Then the seller must waste time initiating refunds on each item to compensate for the gross over charges of shipping charges. This has been brought up on just about every eBay initiated conference call, to deaf ears and closed minds. They don’t care because they (eBay) makes more money this way since they skim $ off shipping charges, hoping and betting most won’t either catch that or hope refunds aren’t made.
  • Find it on eBay.

    By Marc'sStuff
    You can find anything on eBay!
  • I have a small business and its SO much fun.

    By Poopjtr2039292
    Perfect for small businesses and so many nice customers
  • Love eBay but wish the search was more definable

    By Sweetiekatsweetiekat
    eBay is great and I love to be able to search and find things I need from all over but the search engine is difficult and needs more options in order to find the item you want without having to look at everything you aren’t interested in. I realize it may be difficult for developers but these days I tend to not spend as much time scrolling if I can find it elsewhere easier for the price I want to pay.
  • Account suspended without telling why

    By dhoward65
    This was my first time ever using eBay. I signed up, found the book I wanted to buy, and placed a bid. The next morning, I woke up to an email telling me my account is permanently suspended. I called support to see why I was banned thinking I could easily resolve the issue, but support told me they were not allowed to say why I was suspended. After doing some some research, I found out that placing a bid requires a credit card and some other info on file. Why on earth would any app let me do something that would suspend my account at all, let alone permanently suspend me? The app should have told me I was missing information before ever letting me place a bid. Overall design and esthetic is 3 stars, but due to the magnitude of the consequences of accidentally doing something forbidden, 0 stars. Insanely unfriendly to newcomers.
  • Great

    By mkp96717
    Good app love it
  • My opinion

    By Akane0004
    It's more detail than I thought.