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Datamatrix barcode generator and scanner. Insert text and get correct datamatrix barcode immediately. Share or copy high resolution image in PNG format or PDF file. Paste data matrix barcode into any document or message. Scan any Datamatrix barcode, get decoded result as a text, and reworked data matrix barcode. No internet connection needed. Save generated and scanned barcodes in a local database and restore them at any moment. Data matrixbarcode encodes a large number of characters in an area as small as few millimeters, DataMatrix barcodes occupy less space than other barcodes. Available on iPhone and iPad. Datamatrix is a matrix two-dimensional barcode which may be printed as a square or rectangular symbol made up of individual squares. Data matrix is a graphical representation of data in a machine readable form, used to enable automatic reading of the Element Strings. Datamatrix barcode is composed of two separate parts : the finder pattern, which is used by the scanner to locate the symbol, and the encoded data itself. The finder pattern defines the shape (square or rectangle), the size, X-dimension and the number of rows and columns in the symbol. It has a function similar to the Auxiliary Patterns (Start, Stop and Centre patterns) in an EAN/UPC barcode and allows the scanner to identify the symbol as a Data matrix barcode. The solid dark is called the “L finder pattern”. It is primarily used to determine the size, orientation and distortion of the data matrix barcode. The other two sides of the finder pattern are alternating light and dark elements, known as the “Clock Track”. This defines the basic structure of the datamatrix and can also help determine its size and distortion. The data is then encoded in a matrix within the Finder pattern. This is a translation into the binary Datamatrix symbology characters (numeric or alphanumeric).