Dimensions Pro Calculator

Dimensions Pro Calculator

By Aberdeen Telecom.Inc.

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  • Release Date: 2021-09-24
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Aberdeen Telecom.Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.2 or later.


Ideal for engineers, architects, designers, fabricators, estimators and students. Especially for Aluminum fabrication industries where they have to dealt with dimensions all the time. The whole package consists of: 4 length calculators to target different input styles, and results can be e-mailed : a. Imperial inputs calculator.(with 6 accuracy levels & 6 output formats) b. Metric inputs calculator.(with 6 accuracy levels & 6 output formats) c. Digital inputs calculator.(with 6 accuracy levels & 6 output formats) d. Inches inputs calculator.(with 6 accuracy levels & 6 output formats) They all come with videos showing how slick the operations. A group of Area calculators, and a group of Volume calculators. A group of Units conversion calculator and a Fraction calculator. A group of Basic Calculator and Scientific Calculator. Area calculator covers: Annulus, Circle, Ellipse, Hexagon, Octagon, Parallelogram, Pentagon, Regular Polygons, Rhombus, Segment of a circle, Sector of a circle, Square, Rectangle, Trapezium, Triangles. Volume calculator covers: Barrel, Cone, Cuboid, Cylinder, Frustum, Pyramid, Hollow cylinder, Parallelepiped, Sector of a sphere, Segment of a sphere, Sliced cylinder, Sphere with cylindrical bored, Sphere with Conical Bored, Sphere, Torus, Ungula, Zone of a sphere. Units conversion calculator covers: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Pressure, Linear Velocity, Angular Velocity, Acceration, Energy, Power, Density, Thermal conductivity, Thermal conductance, Heat flow, Temperature, Data storage, Angles, Fuel consumption(US), Fuel consumption(UK), Time, Flow rate, Force, Torque, Cook Measurement.. A Fraction Calculator comes with continuous calculating method. It is designed with the easiest and most convenient way. It can handle large numbers, and results will be reduced to the simple form. A Basic digital calculator. A Scientific digital calculator: 1. It is sound supported. 2. The results can be emailed. 3. It covers almost all scientific functions.