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  • Very nice

    By StonerSimpson(the real)
    Good change of pace from the norm in the mobile world of car games. I like the prostreet style of burnouts lol. The car models are identifiable. The sounds are good. Definitely a great game. Looking forward to this update.
  • Good start

    By Could you make it not crash
    This game is the first game in 2024 to show decent sights of potential make the open world bigger add different biomes to it each biomes being about the size as the desert open world map and add about 4-5 biomes total add events and that’s a pretty solid game for 2024 cause card and all those other games failed this game feels fresh different and that longing for something exciting that I haven’t felt in awhile when I downloaded this game at first there was no open world and I was disappointed because for the first time in forever I was really excited to play a racing game which I haven’t felt since I was like 13 or 15 mins you I’m 20 and in college I do however appreciate something like this because a good racing game in 2024 did not seem possible but well now that open world is here I can really see the potential but add a earthy biome Arctic biome a tundra biome like take some inspiration from nfs rivals because they had 4 biomes and were all done wonderfully highest potential I’ve seen from a game in awhile though and well there’s not as much body customization as I expected there to be but I haven’t fully explored the game yet though so I could be wrong but one of the most promising starts to a game I’ve seen in awhile 👍👍👍
  • King of the racing

    By unlikelybooy
    Really good game it’s not like most drag games witch most of them are the same but not this one this one is good.
  • More power!

    By SRT10X
    This game a lot of better than other drag sims. It have a unique design and original customs with detailed tuning. It needs works for more variety of races and more visual tuning options. Good luck, dev! ADDEDx2: You’re guys are insane. You implemented all suggestions into the project. The feedback is incredible. Now the only thing left to add different events on the map. Also: we’ll get more atmosphere if you can add different dashboards for cars (according on their style), swap the main component (gearbox, engine), building custom car from different parts (I understand that it will be more difficult to implement). I wish you community growth!
  • Love the game

    By Coopw05
    love the game and i bought the vip so i dont have to worry about ads but yet i still get ads almost every single race and i dont get why i would spend $6.99 a month yet im still getting ads
  • love the game

    By 03yurr
    awesome game and the new update is pretty cool nice change up but i’d like if you could add tuning into the game or at least give us back tuning for the transmission and options for single twin or even triple turbos but that’s it so far i know you’ll keep working on the game but really i’d love to have gear tuning back asap at least please
  • Fun game, sad its got a bitcoin miner in it

    By Chris The Gamer2
    Yeah like the title says, fun game, decent upgrades, a bit rough around the edges, navigating the UI is slow and not a fan of the lighting or car sounds, please remove the bitcoin miner so it doesnt lag my phone to near uselessness after 20 minutes of playing
  • Where the updates

    By YoungboyG143
    Love the game but theres a bug for some reason when i beat a certain part it duplicates the part i just beat to the next area so i can advance through the story mode
  • Scam?

    By jaedaway
    Decided to give this game a try because it looked to have in depth mechanics, turns out it did not. Sure you can upgrade specific parts of your engine/build but it doesn’t reflect at all when you race it. And if you decide to buy a “premium” car and coin to build it you best hope the game doesn’t crash or it will revert everything to stock while keeping your money. Next is the question of needing a email to play a single player game, just weird. Then they have no direct links to support. Tried contacting on social media and still no response almost a week later. Not sure what my email is needed for because the game barely saves and then requires a login on every app refresh. Very disappointing.
  • Not much support or updating….

    By sidewayyz
    I’ve had this game for over a year and an update hasn’t come out to access the reapers team. Then there’s more groups after. I’ve purchased every car due to boredom hoping a solution will come. Even emailing the support staff doesn’t seem to help… great game if you enjoy being let down… could be amazing, just lacking with any support.