Forgivness Diary

Forgivness Diary

By Anyi County Bingzhiyi Trading Co., Ltd.


Dependent origination and death, strong predestiny and weak predecessor, are beyond our control. What we can do is to cherish the short time when we meet by chance; Seize the opportunity to forgive him 77 times, no matter how big or small; manage love, let love restore its original sense of happiness! Rather than sinking into it and suffering terribly; praying for more than 77 times, without procrastinating, and not adding trouble to yourself! Share your dissatisfaction with him to the one you have! Let us record the damage he did to you, and we can only stop the loss in time if it accumulates to a certain extent! Resolutely cut off our troubles, If you want to, then follow "Forgive Him 77 Times" and record every unpleasantness! Every hurt is a subtraction of your feelings, and every touch is indeed an addition to your feelings! There will be gains in operating attentively! Let us move! ! !