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  • Huh

    By richwitch365
    Huh what lol
  • App Don’t WORK!!!

    By sillyswagger
    I can’t even make an account for the app, been trying for a month now. I email and never receive a reply back… i love this author but she’s coming off as a money hungry person…… FIX YOUR APP!!!
  • App never works

    By Another Anonymous app review
    This app rarely works. You pay for a subscription that you have limited access to due to the inconsistency of the app. I constantly have to log in and out or even delete the app and redownload it just to access the features/purchases. It is extremely frustrating. Especially considering that a lot of the content is paid for separately from the monthly subscription fee.
  • Scam

    By Ms. Used to be a Fan
    Ashley and this app seems to be all about a dollar. Where’s the content? Why are the books so expensive? Why are the books so short? Why are there so many typos? Why have your dedicated fans pay for a pre order that has no official release date in sight? She is going to use her core audience with her greediness.
  • Font size

    By cola2022
    How do you adjust the font size I purchased a book and I can’t see the words. Is the anyway to fix this. I don’t want to rate because I haven’t read anything
  • accessibility for Voiceover needs improvement

    By martell559
    I am blind and I use voiceover on my iPhone in order to navigate my device. I tried signing up for this app, however the sign-up process was very difficult to complete with voiceover. Once I entered my email, first name, and last name, and password, I got stuck at the screen that asked me to accept the terms. I cannot locate a checkbox. And when I did find the option with the checkbox, the switch could not be toggle do using voiceover. Please improve this application for voiceover users. I love Ashley Antoinnette and would love to continue to support her books and other endeavors.
  • Bookmarks Please

    By Tgray44
    It goes back to the beginning every time I stop reading. There is no way to jump to the page I need just have to slide the pages. I’m not used to having to remember what page I left off of. I’m also not a fan of having to slide the pages. Taking me much longer to read book than usual.
  • This was the absolute worst reading experience

    By cmsals
    The app needs much work. Every single time I take a break it starts over. I literally have to screenshot the page I stop on so I know where to go when I come back to it. No way to type in the page so you must scroll page by page until you get back to where you left off! No table of content that allows for jumping to the chapters. It’s just not working for us.
  • Error

    By triceyb31
    Something is really wrong with this app it won’t let me sign up without logging me out of it
  • Hate it!!!

    By yhhhtu
    Every time I open this app I’m getting the error message!!! I can barely remember my password to open my phone I’m tired of opening this app and having to log completely all back in! I can wait to be done with this book NEVER AGAIN!!!