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BueNovela - Collection of the best and most popular new books in all genres. - Book Genres: Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Teen, Science Fiction. - Become An Author to REALIZE YOUR DREAM OF BECOMING A WRITER. [English, Portuguese and Spanish online reading platform]. BueNovela compiles popular web novels and books, and provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for all web novel lovers. Start reading your favorite book, download the BueNovela app! - Numerous of book genres to choose freely - Hundreds of web novels were read more than 1,000,000+ times - A professional author team creating the best novels for you Start reading web novels right now! [Main Authors Team] Our BueNovela authors come from all over the world, with experience and talent in writing stories of different genres and update them frequently to guarantee their fans’ entertainment. BueNovela has been continuously recruiting high-quality authors and has a steady stream of new content recommendations. Join BueNovela and become a professional author. Contact Facebook —>> https://www.facebook.com/BuenovelaOfficial Facebook Gruop —>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/720273315497674/ Instagram —>> https://www.instagram.com/buenovela_official/ Official Website —>> www.buenovela.com/ Email —>> contacto@buenovela.com" About the Automatic Subscription Renewal: 1. Payment: There are three automatic subscription renewal plans available - 1 Month, 6 Months and 12 Months. After confirming the purchase, your Apple iTunes account will be charged automatically. 2. Renewal: 24 hours before your subscription expires, the renewal fee will be automatically deducted from your Apple iTunes account. After the renewal payment is processed, your premium membership will be extended automatically. 3.If you want to unsubscribe,please open the iPhone "Settings"-->enter "itunes Store and App Store"-->click "Apple ID",select "View Apple ID",go to the "Account Settings" page,click "Subscribe" choose Buenovela Bundle to unsubscribe.if you do not unsubscription at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period,this subscription will be automatically renewed. Service Agreement:https://www.buenovela.com/other/static_file/term_of_use.html Privacy Agreement:https://www.buenovela.com/other/static_file/privacy_policy.html



  • Loved fated to the alpha

    By MoonFaerieMom1221
    Edit- I changed my once 5 star review to a 1 star. I no longer support this app or it's sister apps. I used coins nearly all I paid for to read books by a particular author who left their main company but gave permission for them to leave her books in the libraries of the people who bought them. They removed them anyway. When contacted about it I explained it was every book of this author and they asked which chapters was I looking for. They clearly don't actually read what you say to them, funny since it's a reading app. I want .y money back or they can give me coins back but put it on their main sister app GoonNovel while I finish a book there before I delete that app. This one is going to be deleted after I post this. I do not recommend you all spend any of your hard earned money on this app, it's not worth it. Terrible customer service, I repeat terrible customer! I've seen some bad CS but this place really put the icing on the cake for it. Fated to the alpha series is what got my attention in an ad on Facebook, so downloaded the app to continue reading. This is a great ap for authors who are just starting out as they can get feedback from their readers and see how their stories effect, inspire, etc. My complaint with this app as I'm sure many others have said is the coins. Coins are not easy to come by and some chapters are not cheap... I spent way more then I should have on the series that got me on here, do I regret it? No, but won't do it again lol. If you have patience to take the time to earn the coins I highly recommend this app to you, and I recommend the series mentioned.
  • Me atrapó esta novela desde el primer día que la leí

    By negra8787
    La ame
  • un bebe para navidad, casada a primera vista, cuando sus ojos se abrieron… , me encantan,

    By Nenita 65
    Todas son hermosas, Gracias♥️♥️♥️cuando sus ojos se abrieron. Amo cada novela, te mantiene en tension constante.
  • Se las recomiendo

    By Nashli27
    Excelente historia me gusta mucho
  • Buena historias

    By TaniaM1203
    Buenas historia pero nunca terminan te dejan sin capítulos mal servicio al cliente carísima y baja calidad de servicio
  • Me encanta

    By Búho lector
    Me encanta
  • Review

    By Mammaw T.
    Love this app and the books Great reads and characters♥️
  • Removed paid for books

    By LLMama2223
    I had paid for multiple books written by Jessica Hall. She was no longer doing business with this app but asked them to keep the books open to the people who have already purchased them. They removed all the books written by her. That’s probably hundreds of dollars wasted, just gone, that I will never get back.
  • I love the book , I would love to encourage people to read this book. Thank you.

    By Paciana M.
    Hope we can continue reading books like these one. I’m speech less. It’s just beautiful .
  • Great read filled with adventure.

    By Reading is breathing
    The book was well written and filled with climactic moments to keep a reader captivated and wanting more. A love story full of adventure and intrigue. Highly recommended.